Porn Fan Experience

A porn fan experience with Roman Todd's Skype shows

I got this email from a porn fan about his experience with Roman Todd from July 31, 2016 to August 6, 2016.



The fan & Roman agreed on a Skype show for $60 for 20 minutes and payment via Paypal was sent.


When asked about the Skype show after payment, Roman had a problem with his Internet connection.


So, the private live cam show was re-scheduled.



Then, Roman had a car mishap.



After that, a flat tire.


Finally, Roman was on Skype! But, his laptop froze.


Glenn's thoughts on Sean Cody and Owen

From an email I received from Glenn "I know the posts about Sean Cody's Owen were old, and it was a sad story. But I think the topic of Porn companies ethics, what little they have, is worthwhile. Now that we know how that story played out, and certainly the Sean Cody people do, how could they continue to sell his porn videos?"


It seems outrageous to me that they would be so disrespectful. I'm sure he would want them gone, as well as his family. Can't they have the common sense to show a wounded Vet some respect?

To add insult to injury, last summer Sean Cody created a new Model named Owen, who is another Marine Vet from Iraq!


Obviously they knew what they were doing. This kind of callous treatment of the guys they use gives us gays a bad name. Even if its unethical straight guys doing it.

What do you think?

Note from Men of Porn Kindly refrain from including a link and his name in the comment area to avoid search engines from linking to this post when one searches for his non porn name. Thank you for your understanding.

OPINION of Alias74 on Danny of Sean Cody as a cast member at Ultimate Fighter 15

It was best to post this opinion of Alias74 today since the show of Danny of Sean Cody as an MMA Fighter, Ultimate Fighter 15, just started airing on FX.

He mentioned in an interview that his decision to work for Sean Cody was a mistake "Yeah, it’s true, it’s something I did a long time ago. It was a mistake and it was in the past. I’m just trying to move on to bigger and better things now. I’ve dealt with this stuff ever since I did it. I did those movies for the money and people are going to opinionated, and there’s going to be haters, but those people that actually know me and care about me as a person know it was a mistake."


OPINION of Alias74

Danny_seancody_mma_01I don't hold any ill will to Danny/Dakota Cochrane for wanting to pursue his dreams of being an MMA fighter: in fact, I GET IT!

For motivations known ONLY to Mr. Cochrane (and not necessarily 'those close to him' as he keeps saying) he is choosing to characterize his work as "a mistake" and that "Every time [he] was down there [at the Sean Cody shoots]... [he] hated it". Kinda like a certain someone named 'Marc Dylan' whom by ALL accounts, we've given him a pass.

The whole 'mistake/stupid college thing' is but ONE of two things that keep getting bandied about during this whole IDIOTIC controversy. And again, I don't begrudge Mr. Cochrane for now taking to the media to acknowledge it and move on! In fact as his manager has said, it's NEVER been a secret or anything that he has HID (in fact apparently he has lost sponsors and fights because of his complete and utter transparency about his gay porn work).

I think the more disturbing thing is the fact that he, his camp, and the more vocal Cochrane supporters keep referring to Cochrane's Sean Cody clips as "this negative thing" or saying it was "horrible" and not so subtly implying that BUT FOR being immature and stupid (like all 'college' students, right?) he would have NEVER done gay porn work (because he's 'straight' and has a girlfriend whom he is going to marry, right?) and they tricked him with all that money ($80,000 for 12 clips - four of which he bottomed in, one three way and one five man orgy; who wouldn't take that kind of money, right?).

Frankly: THAT aspect of this whole controversy is INSULTING and DEROGATORY to gay men everywhere, college students, and materialistic, money-minded individuals!

Good luck, Mr. Cochrane!!! You SHOULD be able to determine your own future in sports and chasing your dreams. Just choose your words a little more carefully in the future.

From Jean-Francois "Porn star to watch - Troy Collins"

I got this email from Jean-Francois "There is a new pornstar that we have to watch in the near future. His name is Troy Collins. He first had a sucking scene for Falcon Studios."

Troy_collins_falconstudios_01 Troy_collins_falconstudios_02 

"... got part of a bukkake for Dirty Tony (not the one recieving it though) ..."


"... he just got fucked by Tyler Saint for Massage Bait and got a little cum on his face ..." 

Troy_collins_massaged_01 Troy_collins_massaged_02 
Troy_collins_massaged_03 Troy_collins_massaged_04 

"He is soooo hot. I hope to see him bottoming again very soon!!!!!"

FAN OPINION Alias74's take on Sean Cody's bareback

Seancody_barebackSean Cody finally started airing bareback clips which has been the talk of the interweb. Just look at the number of comments one of these clips ramps up on any of the various gay porn blogs (they almost triple that of the comment number on other sites' bareback clips). MOP - this very blog - even wondered: "Will the membership site ACM of Corbin Fisher bring back bareback?" As a brief history, Corbin Fisher featured "near back" as I liked to coin it: performers engaging in bareback sex for anywhere from three to eight minutes before pulling a whiplash/viewer backlash inducing "Hold on….let me put a condom on" segue into resuming "crazy hot guy" fucking. They’ve since spun off a pay per view site with bareback only content; thereby announcing the EPIC FAIL of the global gay community that because of our bizarrely catty, condom-nazi criticism regarding condomless content - we now have to pay MORE money to see what we want (pretty savvy of the business geniuses at Corbin Fisher…the same company making millions off of suing online pirates).

Chaosmen Treasureislandmedia

MOP isn’t alone in thinking what other sites like Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen (one of the first original content studios incidentally to go exclusively bareback – YEAH, CHAOS!), Treasure Island Media, and the like will do to "step up their game" so to speak and attract new viewer subscriptions. All these moaning bitches commenting on blogs and boards on the Sean Cody BB clips pose the same battle cry: "Oh yeah....Corbin Fisher and Chaosmen better step up its game, SC is bringing the thunder."

To quote Cher in "Clueless"....AS IF! You know, I am really beginning to think there is some truth to the legend that watching porn rots your brain: First of all, each of the aforementioned websites really does have its own look and aesthetic to the point where they’re not really similar in models and content (although there are site jumpers). And even IF it were true that rival studios could suddenly be like "Oh man, they're doing this....let's put this clip up now"....the production and then editing time for these clips is closer to several weeks to one month, or in the case of Chaosmen several months behind. It's rare that they are shot quickly and put up quickly (although I think NDS and Randy Blue are pretty quick on the draw). The majority of studios stay ahead production wise so there isn't a draught of clips as the week or months go by. But seriously?!?!!? Commenting about competition macrowise when microwise it's not really possible at this point seems like a lot of useless chatter. Let alone the fact that condomed gay porn is the norm so ONE MORE site providing bareback content shouldn’t really be stealing too much of a slice from the whole pie. Again I quote "Clueless" – we can certainly make more room at the dinner table.

COPPERFIELD THEORY AND....and you's very likely that the majority of these Sean Cody BB clips were shot WAAAAAAAY back when.....Thereby proving what I like to call my gay for pay "Copperfield" theory. Which goes a little something like THIS: In the trajectory of most gay-for-pay performers there come several major points in their burgeoning career where there is a potential for them to commit to performing a gay hardcore sexual act and then after that one time - checking out of the porn industry ALL together, or pulling a Copperfield – as in a disappearing act. Those points usually tend to be a) Topping a guy, b) bottoming for a guy, and c) barebacking. Think of any of your favorite porn stars who just suddenly disappeared and look at their last clip….did they bottom? Did they bareback? And then disappear? Let’s see it in action shall we?


When Corbin Fisher became the second major original content producer to release bareback gay content (albeit in the context of having a vajay-jay present in ACS Bi clips) the evolution of the majority of their performers was the following - solo, vag-taco clip, several condomed clips with 'straight' guys, and finally a "take the money", get barebacked in the ass and then.....COPPERFIELD! i.e. this is how Elijah, Simon, Ethan, Jonas, Mario, the Twins, Nicholas, Colby, Jared, Brody, Vince, Bryan, and the legend himself, Lucas exited the CF stable....each one a 'Copperfield' after doing a bareback clip - some in features like Elijah in 'Down on the Farm' and Lucas in 'Dawson and Lucas’ Bromance in Sydney' or whatever the hell it was called.

And need I remind y'all about Corbin Fisher's Aiden who did solo’s on several sites, got blown and rimmed on Sean Cody, and then pulled a very long Copperfield before remerging phoenix like and becoming a decidedly more muscular but newly hungry bareback bottom, popping off multiples and hosing down the furniture in weekly clips(!).


And now back to Sean Cody - I believe these bareback clips were produced some time ago. Remember when Dennis was a regular on SC and then suddenly disappeared but then magically re-appeared for a clip: THAT was probably when his BB clip was shot - the evidence, your Honor? "Dennis and Jaimie" went up Sept. 2010, "Oscar and Dennis" November 2010....Dennis goes on self imposed hiatus to find his soul in Tibet OR conquer Mt. Everest and then BAM! "Nolan and Dennis" April 2011 followed by "Franklin and Dennis" May 2011.

And then THAT happened....the now infamous bareback clip heard round the world: SC's second ever bareback clip released January 1, 2012 - Happy New COCK! "Dennis, Jordan and Calvin Bareback"....which incidentally became such a sensation because SEAN. CODY. FINALLY. DOES. BAREBACK!!!!!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuuut.....what everyone fails to realize is that while the no condom stuff is what peeps focused on...SC is but one of the last bastion original content studios to do bareback (as in one of the few websites that pioneered the whole "straight guys doing gay things in clips produced exclusively for the internet and not found on any DVD" aesthetic). It appears that SC is giving in to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR because bareback is such a huge huge huge huge draw (and a completely, headline grabbing divisive, 'pitchfork and torches' issue) such that anytime ANYONE gay or gay for pay jams their bare rod into someone's gaping junk it's OH. MY. GRAVY. NEWS!!!!!!.

SEAN CODY SPIN OFF? So to the people flouting their "competition is good/Darwinian original content power struggle" nonsense.....STFU! Because honestly? I also see Sean Cody spinning off a bareback only site soon, but only time will tell. After all, Corbin Fisher made a go of it, and what are most of these companies doing except emulating each other’s business models in the changing economic landscape.

One thing is for sure....We may all be test subjects in what appears to be a Battle Royale where the only winner is the studio sucking your credit card DRY each month like a Treasure Island Media cum-whore!

PS As it stands, Sean Cody's 'Pierce' is the only performer so far to buck my "Copperfield" theory – After getting fucked by Brandon bareback, he returned to bottom for both Jaime and Liev. Wonder how many of SC’s stable will fly the coop (and the industry all together) after taking the bareback leap?


Tidbits from Matthew on Barrett Long, Kevin Crows, Janos Volt and Kris Slater

BARRETT LONG Barrett Long has starred in 2 straight movies for Devils Film. He was in "Like Father Like Son #3" (which has a scene with Father & Son Chance Caldwell/Jay Huntington & Jerry) & "I'll Fuck Your Wife if You Fuck Mine #3" He's even on the cover of both videos.

Barrett_long_01 Barrett_long_02

KEVIN CROWS It was posted at QPN that Kevin Crows deleted his twitter account, removed the content on his own website and announced he was going back to school last September 2011. Matthew found a link from Adult Talent Manager of Kevin using the name Billy Hart. Could this be his str8 porn name? It says on the website that he is "Available NOW!" [Denz]

Billy_hart_01 Billy_hart_02

JANOS VOLT I also saw Janos Volt (many other names) in a straight porn film called "Old Slut Young Stud #2." It was either the year of or before he made the bareback film for SX Video.

Janos_volt_01 Janos_volt_02

KRIS SLATER But the most interesting is Kris Slater. He did a solo/hand job film for Club1821 called "Screen Test 10" where he discusses his past having sex with both men & women and gets a loving hand job from the guy that gave the world naked Simon Rex!

Kris_slater_cover Kris_slater_cover2

Mr. Slater also took a strap on & a dildo on the site "Girlfriend handjobs" and did a very homophobic solo at "No way am I gay". I assumed the constant "no fags allowed" and "you can't have it faggot" comments he shrieked were scripted.

Pictures from Guys Get Fucked

Kris_slater_str8_03 Kris_slater_str8_04 

Kris was made to wear women's clothes when he appeared at CFNM. [Denz]

Kris_slater_str8_05 Kris_slater_str8_06 

NOTE Most of the text were from Matthew except for the ones with [Denz] at the end of the sentence/paragraph.

Was Topher DiMaggio hurt in a scuffle at a local bar in Houston?

There was a comment sent by Scott that Topher DiMaggio was in a scuffle at a locar bar in Houston "Last spring he got into a scuffle with another person on the patio of a local (bar) there is a good size fire feature on the patio, well his back was to it and he got kicked and feel over on the the fire feature. no did get burned (damnit) but was bruised and had torn clothing and very surprised that no one offered to help him."

Pictures of his back particulary the right side of his back. Pictures from left to right, top to bottom 1 Colt Studios [gallery] 2 Randy Blue [gallery] 3 Dominic Ford and 4 Chaos Men

Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_01 Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_03  Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_04 Topher_dimaggio_noscarback_05 

Pictures from two of his scenes at Men with Marc Dylan and Zak Blake.