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Kyle Dean is done with gay porn

Kyle Dean started gay porn in 2015 via Gay Hoopla & moved to Corbin Fisher as Nash. This 2017, 2 scenes of Kyle Dean were released. The first one was a str8 scene at Hot Guys Fuck.


The other one was at Corbin Fisher where he topped Ellis.


He is now done with porn. He did say last January that he was about to quit porn. Well. it's now official. His twitter is now gone.


And, this was one of his last tweets hours ago.


*** Kyle Dean was arrested last month.

Cage Käfig, who left BSB since he hated being a bottom, is back in a flip fuck

Cage Käfig was introduced by Broke Straight Boys back in 2013. He had 24 scenes with guys released till January 2015.






By February 2015, he posted on his social media account that he left Broke Straight Boys since he only wanted to top and not bottom.


Three months later, Broke Straight Boys posted a goodbye video of Cage, holding back his tears, where he mentioned he doesn't need the money anymore. He will be busy with modelling & acting. And, he reiterated that he hated being a bottom.


After leaving Broke Straight Boys, he worked for Dallas Reeves and created his now gone porn site (h/t @ Kyle) in 2016.


He is back at Broke Straight Boys after 2 years. His flip fuck scene with Robb Davis is the latest update on the site "Cage groans as Robb's cock penetrates him, stretching his ass until it hurts and when Cage can't take anymore he and Robb flip and Robb takes Cage’s dick next!".



On twitter, Cage shared his 2013 mugshot.

Connor of CF is back as Colin Hart

Connor was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2007 and he has over 150 scenes listed on the site. He got married in 2014 to fellow porn star Alexis Monroe.


He may have scenes released last year but those were from previously released scenes from CF Select. I think his most recent scene was with Kennedy, released last September 2015. It was also in 2015 that he got de-listed from the Dean's list.


If you miss Connor, he is back on twitter as Colin Hart, where he and his wife started a new porn site.


RIP: Logan of Corbin Fisher

Scenes of Logan were released by Corbin Fisher till 2007.


This was also the year Logan was attacked where his skull was crushed inward that left him "neurologically devastated". As a result, he cannot care for himself.


Logan died 3 weeks ago where his obituary mentioned his life was interrupted by a tragedy that left him with devastating injuries in 2007.


Rest in peace Logan.

*** Scenes of Logan at Corbin Fisher have been removed. But, the porn studio forgot to remove scenes where Logan was not tagged, like his scene with Cade.



*** A blog mentioned that Corbin Fisher did contribute to his medical bills.

[tip @ NCBored]

Porn mourns the death of Alexander Gustavo

18 hours ago, Jaxton Wheeler tweeted the death of his roommate Alexander Gustavo.

Since I was not a close friend, I did not ask. Just waited for more info. It turned out, Alexander committed suicide and it was Jaxton who saw his dead body.

A screen shot of the twitter page of Alexander.