Review on Corbin Fisher's "Evan Pounds Quinn" by Alias74

Corbin Fisher: Evan Pounds Quinn (June 24, 2017, 19:28 minutes)


WOW... Corbin Fisher has the makings of a superstar on their hands in Evan. He may break the CF aesthetic (he's more "Chaos-Broke" with his skater looks, long hair, and ear spacers), but in terms of pure porn performance, he's clearly the Nascar of pro-am models. Evan pounds and splits Quinn open within an inch of his life. Ultimately, the scene loses points for repetitive (read: snooze-worthy) editing and photography, and yes, at points, it feels perfunctory and somewhat lifeless. But watch and you'll see moments of electric chemistry - the eye contact, the kissing, the dirty sex talk - and as I stated, Evan is fuck machine of the first order. Catch the sparks!

(Marginally) WANK WORTHY 

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Review on Lucas Ent's "Ken Summers Leads a Five Man Double Penetration Orgy" by Alias74

Lucas Entertainment: Ken Summers Lead a Five Man Double Penetration Orgy (June 16, 2017, 36:33 minutes)


BOTTOM LINE: I didn't think it was possible, but Lucas Entertainment has managed to single handedly derail a potential kinkfest featuring five of its appealing stars. The failure to showcase the double penetration of Ken Summers properly - the alleged "main event" of this scene - isn't even it's worst flaw. Awash in a sea of limp cocks that magically become hard in the next cut, the scene gives us awkward editing, badly lit and dark cinematography, and questionably authentic cum shots and internals. There are small moments of enjoyment (loved the mid-scene discussion of sex and the smiles on some of the performers) and even a good sweaty group vibe to it all, but there's just not enough to recommend here. Also, after 14 minutes, it becomes a four man orgy. How's that for false advertising?


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REVIEW on Chaos Men's "Barton & Vander RAW" by Alias74

Chaos Men: Barton & Vander RAW (May 19, 2017 / 35:13 minutes)


BOTTOM LINE: Chaos Men serves up a Thunderdome Matchup with two of its hairiest, Daddy-types Barton and Vander. I was a little surprised given the very palpable chemistry between these two that legendary site performer Vander had early scene wood problems (feel like that's a sign of the apocalypse!) making the regular formula creative director Bryan Ockert can't seem to break from (make-out, oral, switch, 69, rimming, switch) quickly tiresome and routine. But just wait for the ride: when it revs up and takes off, it's one of the hottest flip-flops Chaos Men has put out. Sure Barton's awkward and maybe hasn't settled into the "performer" aspect, but the power fucking they give each other, the mutual complementary sex talk, and Vander's insatiable fuckhole and penchant for sloppy ATM’s elevate this scene to a stellar example of the kind of sexy, intimate, hard-driving sex scenes Chaos Men delivers on a regular basis.


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REVIEW on Corbin Fisher's "Beau fucks Dave" by Alias74

Corbin Fisher: Beau fucks Dave (May 13, 2017 / 22:02 minutes)


Bottom Line: All hail the newest Corbin Fisher legend in the making - DAVE! This dude's baby boy looks and blue eyes, his tight, lean, virtually hairless pale body, and thick club of a cock were a complete draw in his previous solo, straight clip, and topping of Quinn. So given all his hetero bluster in his solo (really? Discussing favorite positions to bang chicks?) imagine my surprise when a) his bottoming clip came up so quickly and b) HOT DAMN Dave can take dick! No pretension, no artifice, no hesitation, and barely a wide-eyed look of terror that glances across even the best Corbies in their first bottoming scenes. Beau makes a formidable top and slams the shit out of Dave’s bubble-muscle caboose, and while the clip (as short as it is) eventually runs a bit out of steam, it’s a bottoming debut that is purely…


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REVIEW on Lucas Ent's "Raw Double-Penetration" by Alias74

Raw Double Penetration: Devin Franco, Andrey Vic, Javi Valero, Drae Axtell, Angel Cruz (Released May 12, 2017 / 28:21 minutes)


Bottom Line: I gotta tell ya - this Lucas Entertainment five man orgy is underlit, sloppily edited, crudely shot, and clearly poorly planned in terms of how to adequately shoot a group scene. And YET, to quote Lo Pan, "This scene has FIRE!" Credit the five performers with bringing their A game and elevating this production mess. Between Devin Franco's phenomenal showy power bottoming, Javi Valero's hunger to fuck and get fucked, Andrey Vic's hard driving topping (and his gorgeous rock hard Ukranian cock), and Angel Cruz's energizing debut (WOW!), there's a lot of hotness to go around. Sadly, Drae Axtell gets lost in the shuffle as the (fifth) man out, partially due to the camera work, mainly due to being overshadowed by all that other motion on the ocean. And once again, director Michael Lucas engages in frequent and annoying "sex tetris" (i.e. performers aren't allowed to fuck long enough in one position before everyone shuffles off into another configuration). In spite of the overwhelming negatives, this one is loud, fast and furious, and for once - everyone gives an authentic, non-faked, non-staged cum shot (!)


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REVIEW on Corbin Fisher's "Rocky Gets Fucked" by Alias74


Bottom Line: Between Rocky (tall, goofy looking, San Diego, no less) and Evan (floppy hair reminiscent of Lucas and Elijah, alt-guy vibe), it's hard to say who has the more formidable / artful uncut behemoth of a dick. What should have been a clash of the intact titans becomes an awkward cherry pop vid for Rocky. Can't tell from his early expressions if he's into it or just "deer in the headlights - where's my paycheck". But stick around: Evan proves to be quite the power-fucker, and judging from Rocky's watery, liquidy cumshot (YUM!), that thick endowment obliterated his prostate. Sadly, though it's lacking in spark and chemistry. But what else keeps this from being more yeh than meh? Groovy tongue kissing action from the boys, expert cinematography (love those two-hole underneath fucking shots), and excellent editing that flows (despite some choppiness toward the end).

(Marginally) WANK WORTHY 

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REVIEW on Randy Blue's "Fuckin' In The USA" by Alias74


Bottom Line:  Randy Blue, the venerable and pioneering "original internet-content" gay porn studio, appears to be ushering in a bareback phase, pairing Dane Stewart and Brendan Patrick in the first new scene in a while (and the first for 2017). I'm sad to report it's not earth-shatteringly ground-breaking nor is it a particularly "good" scene - it's flawed and comes off as very amateur and low budget. If all of that was an intentional "throw back" to the hey-day of when Randy Blue started (yes...that is a Nagel reprint on the wall), consider it a grave miscalculation given the more glossily-shot, sharper hi def of its competition's clips AND the progress Randy Blue itself made in terms of crafting hot gay porn. The silver lining? Even with the chintzy set and poor lighting, the editing and camera work is actually quite good (FINALLY! A studio that understands editing around action and maintaining momentum), and Stewart is a big-dicked tall drink of water who manages some (short-lived) heat with Irish sex pig Patrick. Sadly, despite best efforts (especially Patrick who really shines here), the scene distractingly misses the mark more often than hitting it. I remain hopeful for the future though.


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Day 4 of Sean Cody's Winter Getaway was a standout according to porn fan Graham

I think several of the readers/contributors featured on MOP have been unfairly critical of Sean Cody since the SC brand was acquired. Granted the couple of months right after the acquisition were bumpy and disappointing -- I actually canceled my membership for a bit -- but it's picked back up and the Winter Getaway series is proof of that. That includes Day 1 (5-way) and Day 5 (the 9-way, which was previously reviewed too harshly imo).


The real standout from the series has been Winter Getaway -- Day 4, hands down one of the hottest porn scenes of the year (from any site). (Note that I am in no way affiliated with any porn-related site or studio, except as a fan and subscriber to several different sites.)

REVIEW: Winter Getaway--Day 4 (Sean Cody)

On Day 4 Lane is gangbanged by Brodie, Joey and Rowan; and in this scene Lane is the piggiest, hungriest, most voracious bottom I've seen on any of the major 'college hunk' sites (even more than Colt & Dawson from CF and Vander from CM!). You normally only see this type of no-limits bottoming from tatted-up leather-skinned models on TIM or similar sites. Here you get to see it from Sean-Cody-hot Lane, in all his shining youth. And it's dynamite.




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