Day 4 of Sean Cody's Winter Getaway was a standout according to porn fan Graham

I think several of the readers/contributors featured on MOP have been unfairly critical of Sean Cody since the SC brand was acquired. Granted the couple of months right after the acquisition were bumpy and disappointing -- I actually canceled my membership for a bit -- but it's picked back up and the Winter Getaway series is proof of that. That includes Day 1 (5-way) and Day 5 (the 9-way, which was previously reviewed too harshly imo).


The real standout from the series has been Winter Getaway -- Day 4, hands down one of the hottest porn scenes of the year (from any site). (Note that I am in no way affiliated with any porn-related site or studio, except as a fan and subscriber to several different sites.)

REVIEW: Winter Getaway--Day 4 (Sean Cody)

On Day 4 Lane is gangbanged by Brodie, Joey and Rowan; and in this scene Lane is the piggiest, hungriest, most voracious bottom I've seen on any of the major 'college hunk' sites (even more than Colt & Dawson from CF and Vander from CM!). You normally only see this type of no-limits bottoming from tatted-up leather-skinned models on TIM or similar sites. Here you get to see it from Sean-Cody-hot Lane, in all his shining youth. And it's dynamite.




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Agree or disagree? Sean Cody's 9 man orgy is just watchable

Fellow porn fan Alias74 did a review on the latest scene of Sean Cody - the 9 man orgy of Atticus, Blake, Brendan, Brodie, Joey, Lane, Porter, Robbie & Tanner.


According to him, the scene is marginally wank worthy "Finally some sparks of life in the already tedious and disappointing Sean Cody "Winter Getaway" sex travelogue - Day 5 is the historic, first ever 9 man orgy (featuring three admittedly gay or bisexual performers - Porter, Atticus, and Brendan), but don’t hold your breath for something epic. The majority of the orgy is a badly shot, limp cock fest wherein the gay for pay-ers (Blake, Brodie, Joey, Robbie, Lane, and Tanner) absolutely struggle, delivering a tangle of bodies and what amounts to pantomimed "gay sex". Only the last seventeen minutes of the clip manages to reach the kind of frenzied fucking that made the orgy scenes in classic Falcon or Bel Ami movies memorable. And that said, the good stuff is all too brief. The scene certainly is NOT memorable, but all the cum swapping, thrust fucking, and cleaning of spent cocks is at least enough to get off to."







Agree or disagree?

[complete review of the scene]

REVIEW on Adam Killian Takes A Load From Dylan James by Alias74

Muscle and bubble butt lovers rejoice - the new scene over at Lucas Entertainment featuring Dylan James and Adam Killian is just what the doctor ordered: LOTS of gaping hole shots, jiggling butt cheeks, balls-deep fucking, and sexy rimming action. And the best part of it? Both Dylan and Adam have some major chemistry. They practically devour each other and seem totally into each other's bodies in an almost primal, preternatural way. It’s ball draining hot.


It helps that Killian, as a director and performer, knows what he's doing. He growls, roars, and is the PERFECT slutty bottom - he backs up, twerks, shakes, jiggles, bounces, and fucks himself silly on Dylan James' hot banana cock. Personally he's not my type looks-wise (not sure what’s really going on with his face - injectables, surgery) but, Scene MVP.


Dylan James is the amalgam of all that's hot in the porn industry - muscles, good looks, tats, huge cock, ROCKING TOP skills. He has a LONG way to go before achieving bottom status. As in other clips, here James literally just gets a cock in his ass. Period. Planted in him like a butt plug. For a whopping THREE minutes with very little thrusting and lots of moaning and pained expressions (his "in pain" bottoms face is quite unattractive). Another disappointing bottom stint for DJ. But when he turns on the fucking prowess, it's MAGIC!


WANK WORTHY (for everything BUT James' lame bottoming)

REVIEW of "Michael Lachlan Returns to Suck and Fuck Raw With Dylan James" by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Dylan James ticks all the boxes that make my mangina wet: muscles, alpha male attitude, tats, piercing crystal blue eyes, bubble butt, banana dick (reminds me of Bo Dean of "Cocksuremen fame"). But those hoping for an auspicious, versatile gay porn debut - THIS AIN'T IT! James definitely gives off that "straight guy" vibe in the sack (although he has surprising cock-sucking prowess), but to say he "gets fucked" is a mere technicality - really he plugs himself with Michael Lachlan's cock and just plants it there. *yawn*. Lachlan (or "Lach" as I like to call him) does all the heavy lifting, hungrily sucking and taking James' cock to the hilt in that amazing, muscular ass. The man just exudes sexual charisma. Despite the shortcomings, James definitely connects with Lach (the two are clearly into each other), and dude can definitely fuck, but his performance is marked by as many pluses as minuses. Having him "bottom" in this debut clip was a severe misstep. Still the chemistry between the two and Lach's performance makes it….


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REVIEW of "Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction of Dolf Dietrich" by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Watching real life boyfriend porn clips, I wonder: are we seeing lovemaking behind closed doors or a hyper-performed version? Meta discussion aside, I happen to really like Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich. Amidst the 'Ryan Rose's and Aber-zombies of gay porn, they are organically sexy and robust without the self-congratulatory preening and reality show drama. Their joint Lucas Entertainment clip has some really hot moments and kink, but it's a squandered opportunity. Completely marred from the word 'go', the editing is horribly jarring, and everything has a sense of being rushed and done "by the numbers". It's not the fault of the actors, but man, the director and the editor need to get their head in the game.


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REVIEW on Rocco Steele breeds Dolf Dietrich at Lucas Ent by Alias74

Scene_review_roccostele_dolfdietrich_alias74_01 Scene_review_roccostele_dolfdietrich_alias74_02

Full disclosure: Rocco Steele could be fully dressed (yes I said it....fully dressed), reading the McDonald's dollar menu, and I would still cum in my pants. He is a perfect, massive hunk of man who happens to be heir to the throne of John Holmes. Paired with adorably affable and sexy Dolf Dietrich, this is Rocco's first released scene with Lucas Entertainment (there was a previous Lucas Raunch scene of him annihilating Drew Sumrok's poor hole). I was hoping to see "Rocco the Destroyer" (as in the hard-driving, to-the-balls top I've come to know and gape for) but instead we get "Rocco the Romancer".  This clip is all about chemistry, intimacy, and real time fucking - read: The camera work, editing, and the way these two interact really feel like you're in the room with them and part of the sexiest, body fluid filled reality show. Heat definitely gets generated - Rocco prowls and is all pelvic thrust and Dolf proves himself quite capable, bouncing, bucking, and fucking himself on Rocco's cock. It's hot if not slightly disappointing because I was hoping for an all out hole-wrecking scene (like Rocco's previous scene with Sumrok).


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REVIEW on Pete, Tanner & Forrest at Sean Cody by Alias74


Clutch your pearls and pacemakers and watch the volume switch - Sean Cody finally debuts a bareback threeway scene after nearly ten months to the day of the last bareback threesome (for the record Joey, Randy, and Jordan April 9, 2014)! While it's not the sexual Hunger Games that the first, legendary bareback threeway was, I still defy you to make it all the way through without shooting all over your keyboard. The segments and hot moments play like an obstacle course of orgasm abstinence, daring you to bypass each without releasing - two mouths-one cock servicing, a bevy of junk-in-the-trunk bubble butts, deep rimming, slam fucking, multiple ATM's after fucking and creampie-ing, train fucking, internal cum shots, a rough and tumble (but short lived) double penetration, and a gaping, cum-dripping, used hole. IN THAT ORDER! Get your tissue graveyard ready because this one is....


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REVIEW on Forrest & Perry at Sean Cody by Alias74

Overall Impression

Chunky, southern cute Forrest is back, and while he's not the most porn hung guy out there (may actually have to do with his Peyronie’s cock more than anything), his "national treasure" ass finally gets plundered… a high pitched voice, smaller model!


Oh, Sean Cody….how you frustrate me! Speaking of frustrating, the clip starts out good - Perry makes out, fingers, and then rabbit-fucks the shit out of Forrest to a semi-internal cum shot - but the scene's momentum grinds to a DEAD HALT when Forrest takes his swing at top. That's sad because with his personality, jokey demeanor, and can-do attitude, Forrest has the potential to be a star performer in the Sean Cody stable (dude even jokes about his "gay-hole" and manages to get interviewed mid finger-fuck and mid-fuck in the adorable Behind the Scenes).

(marginally) WANK WORTHY (probably closer to Download and Watch Later)

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