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*updated* A fan has accused Vadim Black of hustling him for $2k

I contacted Vadim Black about escorting using the address he advertises (don't judge me). He replied asking me to WIRE him $1,000 a week in advance to "reserve" the time.


Then he changed it to $1,200 claiming the original price was a typo. Then he said he had a "special" asking $2,000 for an overnight. I repeatedly asked for assurances so he wouldn't just take the money and run.


We went back and forth with me being concerned it was a hustle. Eventually he asked for an initial 500 of the 2K overnight price as a condition of going on skype to discuss further. I figured I'd send the 500 and then paypal the remaining 1500 to reduce risk.

Then he came on skype again, immediately insisted I wire the remaining 1500 because I should "trust" him and hung up. He stopped replying after that. Yes I am stupid. He will probably retaliate against me, but I think people should know this is his new scam.




Day 4 of Sean Cody's Winter Getaway was a standout according to porn fan Graham

I think several of the readers/contributors featured on MOP have been unfairly critical of Sean Cody since the SC brand was acquired. Granted the couple of months right after the acquisition were bumpy and disappointing -- I actually canceled my membership for a bit -- but it's picked back up and the Winter Getaway series is proof of that. That includes Day 1 (5-way) and Day 5 (the 9-way, which was previously reviewed too harshly imo).


The real standout from the series has been Winter Getaway -- Day 4, hands down one of the hottest porn scenes of the year (from any site). (Note that I am in no way affiliated with any porn-related site or studio, except as a fan and subscriber to several different sites.)

REVIEW: Winter Getaway--Day 4 (Sean Cody)

On Day 4 Lane is gangbanged by Brodie, Joey and Rowan; and in this scene Lane is the piggiest, hungriest, most voracious bottom I've seen on any of the major 'college hunk' sites (even more than Colt & Dawson from CF and Vander from CM!). You normally only see this type of no-limits bottoming from tatted-up leather-skinned models on TIM or similar sites. Here you get to see it from Sean-Cody-hot Lane, in all his shining youth. And it's dynamite.




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A fan's (Rob) observations after watching the solo of Todd Hollister at Gay Hoopla

The new guy at Gay Hoopla is Todd Hollister.



This is what porn fan Rob had to say about his solo.

The first five seconds of the video go like this:

Cameraman: Are you aware that you'll be filming a jock hunter?

Todd: Yes I am.

Cameraman: Are you under the influence of any drugs or alcohol?

Todd: No I'm not.

My main question is: Is Gay Hoopla buying films from Jock Hunter?

Beyond the first five seconds, it's the most bizarre and confusing series of film edits I've seen in a solo wank video.

0:00-0:05 - legal speak

0:05-6:00 - stationary camera in his bedroom while he jerks and blows his load on his comforter

6:00-7:05 - stationary camera in his bathroom while he showers and dries off

7:05-7:30 - cell phone video while he teases with a towel over his junk

7:30-9:06 - finally a camera man and lighting. He stips off his clothes and starts wanking in a hallway of a house.

9:06-11:11 - now we're in a hotel room, still with a camera man and lighting. He's wanking on the bed, but doesn't finish

11:11-12:42 - we're abruptly taken to a stationary camera in his bedroom again where he's in the middle of jerking and blows his load on his sheets after 27 seconds.

12:42-14:29 - back in the hotel room with camera man again. He's jerking but he doesn't bust.

14:29-15:14 - back to a stationary camera at Todd's house again, he's jerking standing up in the bathroom

15:14-end - Poorly placed stationary camera in Todd's bedroom, he jerks but the video fades to black before he busts.

It's odd that there's never an interview, he never busts at the end of the video, and he never busts in front of the camera man.



Fewer updates from Men POV and College Dudes (tip @ Jason401)

From Jason401 - Just to keep U in the loop,..... looks like has bit the dust..... as they haven't updated contents for over a month. Last posting was on October 02, featuring Jack/Addison "BF Surprise Squirt." Another PORN-Studio who has taken my hard-earned bucks $$$ and short-changed me. lol!!   


And speaking of RIP-OFF,...... CollegeDudes is on my short list for NON renewal. Seems to be updating ONLY - ONE per week now,...... eliminating Monday's update for the past two weeks.


*updated* Bargaining 101 for Men + Sean Cody for $30 as experienced by porn fan Denny

I tried cancelling my Men membership. I used the live chat to it because I have gotten rather bored with the site (scenes are all meshing together, no real variety, etc).


So, I was on the $25 a month plan. When I told the rep I wanted to cancel, she offered me the following:

- 19.99 a month (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 2 months (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 3 months (I declined)

then she offered:

-19.99 for 3 months plus 3 months of Sean Cody for 9.99


For that, I accepted. Basically 30 dollars for 6 months of both Men and Sean Cody. If you ask me, both sites must be in HUGE trouble if they are offering that type of discount to keep customers.

UPDATE David asked for the same discount but was told it wasn't being offered by them - probably by another biller.


SCAM ALERT! Jacob Peterson is not on Facebook

Two weeks ago, Jacob Peterson (aka Edward of SC) warned his fans that he was not on Facebook.

The fake Facebook page was scamming Jacob's fans. According to bigrawtop "Got scammed by someone posing as Jacob Peterson on FB. The fake page that started last March shared a 5 sec video of Jacob in action. I responded and I was lured to join a cam site that charged 99c/min. The show started with a guy jacking off while wearing a mask. I insisted he show his face. It wasn't him at all. Body didn't match. Then found this on Jacob's Twitter where he was aware of it. Warn people please. I reported it. Others need to report it also. Who knows how much I will get charged?"

A porn fan's thoughts on same sex ruling of SCOTUS

All day today since I heard the news of the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, the only thing I've been able to think about is Wilfried Knight's suicide in March 2013 and that of his husband a month earlier.


What a shame it is they couldn't keep up the fight for just two and a half more years. The dreams they shared became full-fledged reality today. The cause for which they both took their own lives is, today, moot. I can't help but think their suicides were a tragic waste since they had no impact at all on today's ruling. What a crying shame they killed themselves instead of just being patient a little while longer.

The saying is so true: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

[written by Scott]

Fake (?) fucking at Corbin Fisher as observed by Alias74

Before you read this, please know the following:

  1. Porn, like film and movies, is a BUSINESS - "fake fucking" occurs EVERYWHERE and for any number of reasons, primarily because of footage for a transition shot, filler B photography for the editors, and if one or both of the performers is having "difficulty" on the day of shooting.
  2. I am a Corbin Fisher fan, and I point these instances out because I'm probably way too observant and honestly want CF to improve. I am not saying they are "liars, frauds, and a horrible studio not worthy of your time"; I'm simply saying that as a business, they should probably review carefully the scenes they release.


That said, on to the fake fucking in "Colt, Kennedy, and Quinn's Fuck Fest" (aired 05/21/15)

  • Minute 17:00 and beyond - Close shot of Colt's cock allegedly inside of Quinn; camera pans out, Kennedy moves into position with his Liberator Pillow (PLUG! PLUG!) - now watch closely…because it appears Quinn may have just been sitting on Colt's dry, non-lubey cock.
  • 17:54 - Colt clearly penetrates and fucks Kennedy; camera pans out, you hear Kennedy gag on Quinn's cock - Look closely starting at 18:31, follow Colt's hand as he sneakily reaches down to obscure the fact that his cock is NOT inside Colt (his cock slipped out either when Kennedy gagged or Colt leaned forward to kiss Quinn).
  • 18:59 AGAIN!!!! WHAT???? This shot starts close on Kennedy sucking Quinn, pans out, and Colt is verbally abusing him but watch at 19:10 when Colt grabs for his dick and finally shoves in - I can't really tell if this is fake but it looks like it.


  • Sigh… 20:55 It totally looks like Colt is NOT in him… he allegedly fucks until he cums but as the camera zooms in, you can catch he’s not in him. And then a HARD EDIT to the money shot.


Personally my guess is that Kennedy was having a hard time taking Colt's cock and so the production team appears to have spared him some. Again, either edit/shoot better so these things are not so glaringly obvious, or just don’t have Kennedy bottom! Studios need to be flexible on the day with performers.