So True? So False?

From Rex Johnson "My first time ever being with a guy was during my first shoots on Guys In Sweatpants." (tip @ Joshua)

The latest update at Guys in Sweatpants is the pair-up of Aaron & Rex Johnson where Rex said it was his first time ever with a guy.




Rex was first introduced by Chaos Men, as Rebel, back in January 2017. He had 2 gay scenes released.





After that, he had scenes released by Sketchy Sex.



Rex can't claim he filmed first for Guys In Sweatpants due to the absence of tattoos on his right arm at Chaos Men & Sketchy Sex.




From Chaos Men "I am pretty sure this is the first time Luca Rosso has done a raw video" (tip @ John)

Last December, Luca Rosso came back to gay porn via Chaos Men after more than 3 years of absence.


His first 3 scenes were all serviced video.




Then, he had scenes [gallery] released at Next Door World as a top, which made me think that he was not into bareback. His latest condom scene [gallery] was released this week.


Today, Chaos Men released a bareback scene of Luca which the owner of the site thinks is his first time "I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the first time Luca Rosso has done a raw video."





Luca was barebacked by Connor in his bisexual scene at Corbin Fisher released in 2010.



You can tell this is his first time being filmed

The latest scene released by Chaos Men is the pair up of the Malik, who sports a 10 inch cock, and Amador, who sports a 8.5 inch cock.




Owner of Chaos Men still believes Amador is still new to gay porn "Malik knew he could handle Amador, but I was not so sure how Amador would do. Even though he has stripped for guys in clubs, he seems quiet and reserved. You can tell this is his first time being filmed. He has a 'down low' vibe going."

We all know by now that Amador used the name Jacob Lucha & other gay porn names back in 2012.


Chaos Men did mention in Amador's solo the Amador has a girlfriend but why describe him in his latest scene as straight acting? "Malik seemed to enjoy the fact he was getting sucked by such a straight acting guy"

Dillon Anderson's first bareback scene (tip @ Joshua)

Dillon Anderson's bareback scene released last month by Guys In Sweatpants may have made you think at first that it was Dillon's first time but there was a catch in the scene description "Not only is this the first time Dillon and Austin fucking, but it's Dillon's first bareback video here!"


Guys In Sweatpants was correct in saying it was his first bareback scene for their site.

Dillon did have bareback scenes [gallery 01 & 02] released last year via Jason Sparks.



Dillon did say goodbye to gay porn back in March. And, he did share recently the pay rate at Dallas Reeves of $450 for 3 scenes.

From Lucas Ent "Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots." (tip @ Unrepentantslut)

Last December 2013, Lucas Entertainment explained [article] the meaning of informed barebacking "We don’t discriminate against HIV-positive models. We pair HIV positive models in condom free shoots as long as both are comfortable. Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots".


But, Christopher Daniels recently admitted [Youtube @ 3mins] that he  was HIV- but did his first bareback scene at Lucas Entertainment with an HIV+ performer.

Christopher did confirm that Lucas Entertainment do pair positive performers with positive performers and negative performers with negative performes. However, during his shoot, the studio had scheduling problems and the only available performer was positive but undetectable. Christopher had no issue with the pair up since he was in Truvada. According to him, there was a study that you can't get infected having sex with an undetectable individual if you are on Truvada.

Lucas Entertainment did film the scene (with Marcus Isaacs?) with the consent of the sero-discordant performers.


From CM "Thomas ... sucking cock truly looks like it IS indeed his first time!" (tips @ Joshua, Yinet, John, Deran & genesis157)

He was first known as Caleb at Corbin Fisher where his 3 scenes (solo, str8 & gay) were all released last November 2013. Last month (June 2014), his solo as Thomas of Chaos Men was released.

Kaleb_corbinfisher_01 Kaleb_corbinfisher_02 

It was followed by a serviced video, released last June 30, 2014, where it said it looked like his first time sucking cock "Thomas does try to give head first, but his foray into sucking cock truly looks like it IS indeed his first time!"


Was it really his first time? A video of Kaleb aka Thomas was released by Gay Pawn last June 19, 2014, where he sucked cock and got fucked.


The production date of both videos should be compared.

Truth or lie? From BSB "Jake Tipton... never taken a dick up the ass before"

Broke Straight Boys paired Sergio Valen and Jake Tipton in a flip fuck for their first experience as a bottom "Sergio and Jake have one big thing in common... both of these boys have never taken a dick up the ass before. So of course we're going to help them both lose their anal virginity together as these hotties do it for the first time!"


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