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The str8 porn star in Chris Rockway (tip @ Alejo)

Last year, Cash Hunter was born where he tweeted last June 15, 2012 that he filmed a scene with Chastity Lynn.


It was only yesterday that his scene was released by Babes, titled Sweet Chastity.


Would this be the one and only str8 porn scene of Chris Rockway? His twitter account as Cash Hunter had only two tweets posted last June 2012.

Male Porn Stuffs on the NET 5

Brodie Sinclair costs $1000 - Would you hire him knowing he will not reciprocate? Like his ads says "I'm a top, google me and whatever I do in my videos is what i will do with you" He does nothing and very little facial expression on all his videos - WASTE OF MONEY.

Perez Hilton - Separated at Birth: Francois Sagat and Kelly Osbourne


Queer Links for Nov. 14, 2007

Pornhalloween9_2 Blog I Like: Unzipped

Zach Randal to wed Derek Rivero
Top Holloween Costume - My favorite is Roman Heart (left picture).

Gay Porn Star Haus Weston Dies

Comment from a member on Blu Kennedy from his Yahoo Group on meeting him in person

"I have had the pleasure of meeting BLU... Last summer when he was a gogo stud on Fire Island, this year when he was bar tending there, and a day he was out for a leisurely lunch w/ friends at the beach. Plus... walking on our street (he lives on my block). He is not overly friendly (who would be w/ all the gawking he gets...). BUT NOT unfriendly either. As far as the issues, does any one not have a few issues...???"

Seen: Ryan Idol Relaxing After Work

CJ Wright Interview

Gay Porn Stuffs on the NET 4

Str8 Porn Star Byron Long Interview "Byron Long is a porn legend. Byron is one of the most prolific woodsmen in hardcore history. With thousands of features under his belt..."

From a member of the Johnny Castle Yahoo Group
Where is Johnny Castle? "Yes, he does do escort work. He says he's only into oral, not really sure if that was just oral on him, or mutual. Hasn't stopped him from doing porn. It's only if a guy does a gay porn they get blacklisted from straight work. Many of the "straight" guys do gay escort work. Talon, Dale Dabone, Julian, Hakan, the list goes on and on. And God knows how many straight guys do escort work just on a very private basis."


Blind Item "Fans of this young man who has built up quite a varied and diverse resume' (including hosting a weekly porn event in Los Angeles) might be surprised to know that he actually was once in a porn a sexual role (under a different name of course)! Actually, that's not the surprising part. The surprising part is that it was a bareback gangbang movie! Or is it really that much of a surprise at all?"

Blake_riley Blake Riley: A Total Package "He was a cheerleader in Texas when an injury forced him to give up the sport that he was so fond of. Soon after that, he was contacted on myspace by both Randy Blue and Chi Chi La Rue, both of which expressed interest in working with him. Blake responded affirmatively to both, but it was Randy who flew him out to Los Angeles and filmed his first scene..."

From a member of the Julian Rios Yahoo Group
Julian Rios/Rivers Retiring? "Bad news, guys. Julian is no longer performing. In the latest Mr Big Dicks video (posted today - which Julian is NOT in) he says "I'm not performing anymore." So, keep the scenes that you got and any old ones you don't have because it doesn't look like there will be anymore. Really really really sad news."

Interview with Corbin Fisher's Charlie

How do you identify yourself sexually (gay, bi, straight)?
Charlie: Straight. For sure. haha.

What can we expect in the future from you over at CF?
Charlie: Well, right now I'm probably going to come back for another video with a girl and I'm still weighing the guy and guy ideas but I can't make any promises on that.

Charlie_01 Charlie_02 Charlie_03

Gay Porn Links from Queer Me Now - Nov 06, 2007 and October 30, 2007

Evan Stone :: Porn Star Turns Pro Wrestler  "It's going to be a really interesting challenge, and I look forward to it. I was with Summer Haze in New Zealand signing at a convention and we began talking about the world of professional wrestling..." @ NY Gay Erotic Expo '07

Male Escort Julian Vincenzo According to his preferences, he kisses but tops only and he does water sports and massage. He is not into bondage and S&M.

Conversations with Gage Weston

Secrets from the set of The Porne Ultimatum

  • Barrett admits that being involved in the adult film industry has made dating difficult, but he doesn't regret that and loves what he does.
  • Mason used to work at The Gap, and although he never had sex with any of the customers in a dressing room, he used to mess around with fellow male employees in the stockroom!

Gay Porn Stuffs on the NET 3

From Jesse Santana " is my MySpace link. FYI - the Lucas Rich part of the address was originally going to be my porn name...Jesse Santana just worked out for the best ;)"

Sites I like: Colossus SF Pride 2007


Sites I like: Big Sausage Supper Blog (straight male porn stars)


Jack Venice tears it up over at seduced by a cougar…
Anthony Rosano over at my first sex teacher…
Johnny Sins over at mr big dicks hot chicks…
Scott Nails over at ass masterpiece…
Must click Read the rest of this entry - for the entire pictures

From Owen Hawk

Gunz_owen_hawk_01 "I am still here I still moderate and I still answer questions. Sadly, I don't really have any new pictures or materials to share right now. My last movie was "Gaytanamo," and right now I am not planning on doing another film in the near future. I am focusing on Dark Alley projects coming up, like "Matthias 20 Fist Weekend" as well as "8 1/2" which has some really hot guys...As always I welcome your questions, feedback, and comments on me and Dark Alley! xo Owen Hawk"

From Julian Vincenzo

Julian_vincenzo_2 "Thank you for watching my movies and thank you for your support. It really means a lot to me that so many people keep watching the movies I play in. I really enjoy them doing but now I know so many people like them I feel much more committed. Keep watching my movies, soon there will be new titles coming out. I do hope to see you some day anywhere in Europe or maybe in my favorite city: Budapest, a real exciting place to visit. Again, thank you very much for your continuous support. JV"

From Mitch Branson (listen to his music)

Mitch_branson_solo_02 "I produced my own music for my cop strip tease and my song sounded amazing in the club. Creating original music has always been a passion of mine. I took a Digital Audio class at a near by college and learned how to design music with computer software. I'm currently producing an album with the Mitch Branson name and it will include all my performance music along with other past productions."

Fan Experience with Porn Stars

Roman_heart Roman was Amazing!
According to Brad "Roman came to Play Dance Bar in Nashville last Friday and he was amazing! Not only did he look as "hot as hell", but he was really kind and friendly to all of his fans. This was his second visit in less than a year and I am certain that he will be back to see us again real soon. Here is a picture of me with Roman, enjoy! Thanks! Brad"


From Eric Manchester Fan
"Hey, I hooked up with Eric back in 1994, Tampa Florida. He was a bit "medicated" but we both had fun. He kissed, sucked, and let me fuck him as well as piss on him as he came (his idea) He is a very real person. He liked to smoke cigars all the night we went out, did he smoke when you were with him?"

Porn Star Websites

George Basten Wallpapers (needs Yahoo ID)
Jet Set Men - Free Gallery Section

Eric York Information
Ethan Clark

Ryan Wade's original GayVN interview

Ryan_wade Name: Ryan Wade
Fresh off the bus from: A small town in Iowa called Davenport.
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Tattoos/piercing: One tattoo on my ankle.
Penis size: About 8", cut.
Sexual orientation: This is evolving ...
Relationship status: Single, so bring it on! First adult video: Hustle & Cruise with Falcon Studios.
Most memorable video performance: Probably my scene with Jason Adonis in The Ivy League. It was my first time bottoming.
Most memorable sexual experience on the set that wasn't filmed. Getting ready for the aforementioned scene ... there was some practice involved that wasn't filmed.
What is the dirtiest/sexiest thing you've ever done? I handcuffed someone to a bed and edged them repeatedly. I snacked and did little chores between sessions. I had them begging me to let them come.

Gay Porn Stuffs on the NET 2

Lukas_ridgston Lukas Ridgeston in Houston

Lukas will be be at South Beach Club from August 17-18-19 for only $100 (entrance fee).

Kent North Suicide
"Hot House Exclusive Kent North has committed suicide. Hot House president Steven Scarborough confirmed that the U.K.-born star intentionally overdosed on drugs Wednesday, July 4.

The 33-year-old who graduated with honors from the Royal Naval Academy joined Hot House in 2004 and starred in 14 films, including the recently released Communion, recent Grabby Award winner Justice, and At Your Service, for which he won Best Solo Performance awards from both GAYVN and the Grabbys. He had also finished shooting Knuckle Sandwich for Club Inferno, which has not yet been released.

Scarborough called North "an extraordinary man, the kindest, most thoughtful, considerate, well-mannered British man." He said that they at Hot House were "wrecked, absolutely wrecked.""

Jason_hawke_2 Jason Hawke Live Cam Schedule
I'm gonna have 2 ,instead of 1 , weekly live shows starting in 2 weeks. I will be doing my Thursday shows from 4 - 5 pm (PST) and I will be doing another show on Tuesdays from 7 - 8 pm (
PST). I might still change the day/time for the additional show but I'll keep you guys posted.

Autographed video from Eddie Stone

The Stone Age takes place in prehistoric times and has some of your favorite porn stars in hot, aggressive, grunting caveman action!

Eddie_stone I star as 'The Missing Link' in this erotic tale of love, lust and power. It's an Eddie Stone sex-travaganza, where I appear in 3 of the 5 sex scenes.

Get your PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED COPY today, by sending a money order made out to CASH in the amount of $50.00 to: Eddie Stone 7119 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite #374 Los Angeles, CA. 90046.

Francesco D'Macho at Europride 2007 from YouTube

Updates from Men of Porn - Blog

Help in the making of Jon King Tribute

"I have just completed a short tribute to Jon King in conjunction with Falcon Studios and others for a group I'm a member and Moderator of (Memorial Straight or Gay) Yahoo Group ... although it has only just been completed, the tribute has not ye  been posted to the group.

As I have discovered little about Jon's early life, I was wondering
whether any group members have any information or details that might be useful, no mater how small ... or links that would be helpful to my research, as I want to update it from time to time.

Looking forward to hearing from any guys that may be able to help
with this request."

Julian Vincenzo and Roland Dane Update from the moderator of

Julian_vincenzo FYI 2 - Julian finished filming Desperate Househusbands 2 in May of this year - the movie is currently in post production and Man-Size should be providing release date info soon. Julian also stars in the new Gonzo movie from Raging Stallion  "Faster! Faster! Fuck Me Harder!" which should be released any day now. When I get more news I will let you know.

FYI 1 - there is an interview with director Roland Dane in this months QX magazine (a UK publication) I have added the link to this e-mail so you can have a look at it (you need adobe to read it).

Roland has been making the third Olympus movie in Hungary, which is now in post production, this movie features Julian and a number of other Hungarian stars.

From on Brad Patton's retirement

Brad_patton "I got a couple of emails this week asking me about the "rest of the story" concerning performer Brad Patton's announcement on his site that he is leaving the business. So who better to turn to for the juicy dirt than John Rutherford at COLT Studio, Brad's home for a while.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), John had no dirt at all, other than to say that Brad will be pursuing his career in skatingHe is now teaching in Amsterdam and training "rich kids" throughout Europe. Brad and his love Brian Hansen have been together for about a year now and are happily living together in Amsterdam as a couple.  John says all is good, and that he's just "moving on.  We support him and love him!" We all do."

Earn rewards at Xtube by uploading your own content. I uploaded a Mason Wyler video from English Lads.

Beautiful_roman_heart6 Roman Heart is Getting It in the End At Beautiful Mag "Roman Heart, born on April 11, 1986, in Tacoma, Washington, has appeared in 12 films in a time span of 3 years. Winner of two newcomer of the Year Awards (2005 GayVN, 2006 Grabby) he also won the Freshmen of the Year 2005 title, and thus appeared in Freshmen Magazine, which is were these photos came from. Roman is a popular guy, mainly due to his physical appearance. He has smooth tanned skin and the typical facial features that immediately classify him as a jock. That, and the fact that he is a vocal actor as well. No, this doesn’t mean he has a lot of dialog in his movies, but Roman is not the most quiet person while enjoying sex."

Updates on Men of Porn - Galleries


Gay Porn Stuffs from the NET

Tommy Saxx arrested

David_wiles_aka_tommy_saxx Tommy_saxx_from_falcon
(Dandy David Wiles aka Tommy Saxx in gay porn)

First seen on the net that Tommy Saxx was Dandy David Wiles was on Gay Porn Blog.

Hospital worker nabbed in ID theft "...Wiles, 29, of Dallas, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine on suspicion of fraudulent use of or possession of identifying information, Grapevine police Sgt. Todd Dearing said. Wiles was free Wednesday after posting $5,000 bail...."

Please hire Tommy Saxx to do another gay porn video - Sex with the convict!

News video of the arrest from CBS 11 TV.

I am torn between David and Taylor. Who would I suck first?

Corbin_fisher_01 Corbin_fisher_02 Corbin_fisher_03
Corbin_fisher_04 Corbin_fisher_05 Corbin_fisher_06

Mark Dalton Arrested Again

Mark_dalton_mugshot_2 Mark_dalton_01

According to Jason Curious website "...On May 31st, Mr. Dalton had an altercation that required the police to be called and he was arrested in Denton, Texas. I would assume at his home because the charges are: Assault/Family Violence and Interference with a 911 Call. They are misdemeanors and he was taken to the Denton City Jail and on June 1st he bailed out on $7500.00 bail. The arrest breached his current parole..." Mug shot picture from Gay Porn Blog.

Press Release: Brodie Sinclair now an exclusive of Raging Stallion.

Brodie_sinclair For a "gay for pay" guy who doesn't seem to enjoy gay sex on camera, he sure does have a lot of fans. Why else would Raging Stallion (known to hire REAL gay porn stars) sign him up as an exclusive star. But, they said "Brodie is straight, but he is about as gay as you can get... He is a Modern American Male who sees opportunity is every sexual encounter! This man is a fuck machine and he loves it all. How could we say no?" Another "gay for pay" added to list.

Brodie Sinclair at Men of Porn.

Spencer Quest in Next Magazine

Spencer_quest_next_magazine_2 Full interview at Next Magazine website.

How do you define your sexuality?
Spencer Quest: Gay, but a six-pack away.

How did Naked Boys Singing! come about?
Spencer Quest: David Gersten [the show's publicist] had read a cover interview in Men stating I had a background in singing and he asked if I'd be interested in a short run. I was a musical theater kid, so being off-Broadway was like a dream. Who cares if it was through porn?

So is porn a way for young gay guys to "make it?"

Spencer Quest: It depends on their personal definition of "making it." To make money? No. Notoriety? No. Career? No. I entered porn at the age of 36 and wouldn't have been ready prior to that. I don't recommend doing anything without understanding your motivation, recognizing your demons and knowing the risks. If someone just wants to flaunt it some, go do amateur porn on the net.

Spencer Quest retires from gay porn article at Men of Porn.