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Jason Adonis botttoms

Jason_adonis_solo If you are a fan of Jason Adonis, he has finally bottomed on video. Lucky guy? Erik Rhodes! According to a press release from Mannet On popping the stud's cherry on camera, Rhodes said, "We had to work on him for a while, it was a little more work than usual. But he has such a great ass it was all worth it. In the end we both delivered a very hot fucking scene."

But, if you have seen Jason's ass in his previous videos, it looked liked n experienced ass. His "wife" could have been into that sort of thing =)

The video is currently available online via Video on Demand. The official DVD released is on January 2007. After watching the video, there was only 1 clear shot where Jason's face was seen while Erik's cock was inside his ass. This is his bottoming debut! There should be a lot of shots where fans can clearly see that it was indeed Jason who was getting fucked.

Falcon Studios has been accused before of using stunt doubles. However, Falcon has neither denied or confirmed the allegation.

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