With and/or Without

Hot or not? Lance Ford aka Gannon

Lance Ford started in gay porn in 2014 (?) as Gannon [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03] at Active Duty.



By August 2016, he became Lance Ford [gallery 01, gallery 02, gallery 03  & gallery 04], an exclusive for Next Door Studios.





His first bareback scene [gallery] was released this month via Next Door Raw.


Lance @ Twitter

River Elliot is now with Cocky Boys as Justin Brody (tips @ Nico & James)

He was first known as River West and then as River Elliot. He did scenes with & without the use of condoms. Majority of his 2016 scenes [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03] were from Next Door Studios.




This 2017, he is now known as Justin Brody at Cocky Boys where he fucked Adam Ramzi.





*** Cocky Boys made a mistake on the title of Justin's scene.


Staxus is staying bareback

Recent scenes filmed by Staxus has always been bareback. Their update with Luke Volta (aka Martin Gajda etc) & Bjorn Nykvist (aka Mark Blom etc) looked like bareback in the photos.


If you watched the scene, it had condom use.



Members of Staxus were not happy. No need to worry since Staxus will still film bareback scenes.

I thought I should talk about something on the blog that some of the STAXUS members have mentioned in the video comments, regarding the use of condoms.

There's some concern that the site might be moving away from bareback sex between their boys and bringing in condoms. You really don't need to worry about this.

The use of condoms in gay porn is a touchy subject for some, I understand that. There was a time when almost all gay porn being made involved the use of condoms, and that was perhaps appropriate for the time. Education, testing, and treatment were all still quite inadequate and social attitudes were far different.

For many years Staxus has been delivering bareback scenes for the fans and that's continuing. The only reason we are seeing condoms in some scenes at the moment is because these were filmed in a different time, or under different circumstances.

For example, many of the remastered videos were filmed when bareback videos were not being made, and other videos like the recent arrival with Bjorn Nykvist and Luke Volta, might have been filmed under different circumstances where the usual process for models and scenes wasn't necessary.

Rest assured that Staxus is going to continue to deliver great bareback twink porn with your favorite stars, but you'll also occasionally see condoms being used in older videos or those where the filming circumstances or choices of the models required something different.

Either way, condom or not, the action is always amazing and the boys are always awesome to watch :)

*** A July 2016 tweet from TLAVideo re Staxus

Jordan Levine with 3 guys & 2 sex positions

If you are a fan of Jordan Levine, he had 3 scenes released for the holidays. Looking at the photos, two sex positions were common in all 3.

Last Sunday, his scene with Dennis West was released by Men.



It was followed last Friday by his scene with Brandon Evans at Bromo.



Today, his scene with Colby Keller is out at Men.



Up next for Jordan is his scene with Scott Riley at Bromo.