Sean Cody pays $3,000 per scene

In the post about Randy of Sean Cody about his financial situation, one of Randy's comments mentioned that he was paid $3,000 per scene "Thank you. Someone whose not an asshole and maybe sees the bigger picture. No one knows how hard I been looking for work. Or people with the how are you broke you did 50 videos. 3000×50=150,000 over almost 7 years. Ya it all went to Bill's and my apt that was 1800 a month, plus the food I ate and supplements I took. Also worked regular jobs. I used to drink heavily up until 2 years ago. So ya now I'm broke...sorry for asking for a little help to all you assholes that want to shit talk me."

If you want to help out by hiring Randy as an escort, it's a no go from him "Ya I could maybe whore myself out to make money...I was going to till I get offers like $200 to have sex. I'm straight, I'm not just gonna fuck a man for a couple hundred , no matter how desperate I am.".

Tweets from gay porn this week

Randy of Sean Cody in financial help for a year now (tip @ Reg)

Randy has been with Sean Cody since 2013 and now has 53 scenes listed in his profile.


This year, he had 5 scenes released by Sean Cody.






His work at Sean Cody is not enough financially and he has been asking for monetary donations for a year now via his comments on Waybig.



The last time he asked for financial help was 11 days ago. And, 3 days ago, he created a Go Fund Me page to help him get back on his feet.


A 3rd comeback for Markie More?

Markie More has been with Next Door Studios from 2014 to May of 2019.


He left Next Door Studios in 2017 but returned a month later since he was now comfortable with his own sexuality.

By end of 2018, he refused to work with Next Door Studios due to the threats he received. I don't think this pushed through since he retired last May since he can no longer promote lustful and deviant behavior.

All those tweets about leaving Next Door Studios have been deleted.

He now regrets what he said last May and sent out an apology.

Will you welcome him back?