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Josh Weston talks to his fans

Josh_weston_solo_02 Josh was kind enough to answer questions posted by his fans at his Josh Weston Fans Yahoo Group.

Did Josh leave Falcon or did they stupidly let him go?
Josh Weston: I am no longer with Falcon, due to my personal political beliefs I simply wanted nothing to do with Halliburton or its subsidiaries. At any rate, I had a good run at Falcon, I had a great time. But I don’t think I'll be in porn much longer, and there were other people/companies I had always wanted to work with before I hang up my Jeff Stryker dildo.

Why did Josh remove his navy tatoo?

Josh Weston: I liked my tattoos, but having a tattoo was like wearing the same pair of shoes every single day, enough.

Does he have a boyfriend? What happened between him and Kent Larsen?
Josh Weston: I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not wired for relationships.

Anybody know his real name?

Josh Weston: My real first name consists of 4 letters, one vowel (an A) and is kind of gay. Can anyone guess?

Does he have a non-porn career?

Josh Weston: I don’t have a non-porn career... when your resumes highlights include Latin Gangbangs and double penetration, well... its made things 'difficult'. ... carpe diem my ass.

Does he escort (I'm sure I could scrap together the payment, whatever it is)?

Josh Weston: Escorting, Yes, but please don’t 'scrap together' anything, I do lay-a-way and barter (right now I really need a new pipe and winter socks).

Email him at westonwon@sbcglobal.net

Josh has such beautiful feet...Has he ever cross dressed?
Josh Weston: I do cross dress on occasion, mainly Sundays during my volunteer conjugal visits at Folsom Prison.

I notice the red string on his wrist. Is he in to the Kabala? Is it a Madonna fad or a deeply held conviction?

Josh Weston: My red string or 'Bendel' is a charm used to ward off 'occhulus malice' AKA evil eye. It’s also a talisman and just a constant reminder to forgive and peace. I do study several times a month at the K center on 48th. I know many think its hocus pocus, but my cells shift every visit.

Chad, or...your, Josh (westonwon@sbcglobal.net)

With permission from Josh Weston.