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Trey Casteel

Trey Casteel -
Founded: June 5, 2007


Interview with Trey Casteel from Falcon Studios

Where are you from, and how did you get started in the adult erotic business?

Trey Casteel: I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, but just recently moved to LA. I got started in the adult film business by e-mailing my pictures to Falcon Studios. I was curious to see what kind of response I would get. Well they liked my pictures; I got hired and began making movies.

How was your model name "Trey Casteel" created?

Trey Casteel: I asked a few friends to make a list of names, and Trey was on the short list. Since I have always liked the name Trey, I decided to use it. I also like the name Steel, but there are too many already. So I changed it to Casteel.

What was the thing you remember most about filming Trapped?

Trey Casteel: One of the things I remember most is that I got to top Mike Power. I like fucking big guys, and it felt good to let loose and finally be able to fuck someone in a scene. I also remember the experience of getting fucked by Brad Rock. John Bruno built it up beforehand telling me about how I was gonna get fucked by Brad's humungous dick... and he wasn't lying.


Do you prefer to bottom in your scenes? What kind of guy do you like to get fucked by?

Trey Casteel: I like to bottom in my films because it's easier than trying to keep your dick hard for 8 hours. Besides the physical attraction, I think the most important thing on a guy that makes me want to bottom is that he have a big dick. I always say "the bigger the better".

So you like big dicks?

Trey Casteel: ABSOLUTELY! I love big dicks pounding my ass.

Have you ever seen a dick that you thought was just way too big to fuck you?

Trey Casteel: As a matter of fact I did. I saw Matt Majors' dick on the set of the upcoming Mustang movie, Brawlers. I thought it was pretty big... but would still be happy to give it a try.

Which of your co-stars did you most want to take home for the night?

Trey Casteel: I would have to say my new boyfriend Yargo. We met on the Brawlers set.


So I take it you guys are dating now?

Trey Casteel: Yeah... We hung out a lot on set, and then started dating afterward. So I guess you could say that we are officially in a relationship and have been seeing each other for about two months. He is great guy and I love him very much. The things that turn me on the most about him are his eyes, smile and muscular body.

What is the most outrageous sex you have had in your personal life?

Trey Casteel: The most outrageous sex would have to be with my boyfriend in his hospital room before he was to have surgery. We were waiting for the nurse to come take him to the operating room and we both got really horny. He asked me to jerk off with him and the danger of getting caught was the hottest.

What is the thing you enjoy most about doing adult videos?

Trey Casteel: I am a very sexual man and have always had a desire to be in movies. So this is totally great for me. I also like the fact that I get to enjoy hot sex with many different guys.


Do you workout a lot?

Trey Casteel: I go to the gym and workout between 5-7 times per week. My legs and back are my favorite body parts to work out.

What's your favorite comfort food when you are being bad and pigging out?

Trey Casteel: My favorite comfort foods are double chocolate cake (chocolate cake/chocolate icing) and Oreo cookie ice cream.

What music are you currently listening to in your Ipod (or CD player)?

Trey Casteel: "Confessions on the Dance Floor"


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