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Vince and Hal Rockland Update

I have updated this post I made last April 14, 2008 since I got an email from Vince Rockland today. I am adding his recent pictures.
And, thank you Vince for allowing me to post the pictures. I just wish you come back to porn. Just wishing...

Vince_rockland_now_01 Vince Rockland sent a message to his Yahoo Group "I have worked in concrete, although I never worked in construction of any type for any substantial length of time. It's my younger brother, Hal, who is the construction worker. He's been working in concrete since he was about 15. About 8 years ago he started his own company in CO Spgs. He's been doing extremely well, and some of the projects that he's undertaken in the last few years include concrete replica of coral reefs for a large hotel in Dubai, and concrete art work in the Bahamas.


I have worked various jobs, though none would qualify as a career for me. I am a musician. I have always been a musician and I will always be a musician. It's not a mindset that's conducive to a great - or even suitable - financial success in anything else. My most recent financial set-back put me into the quandary that no musician ever wants to be in: pawning off music equipment. For me that was possibly the worst emotional blow that I've ever experienced as an adult. But that's life. We have to make choices to survive, and some of them are... difficult, and certainly uncomfortable." Be well, Vince

Here is my favorite picture of Vince he sent me.


With regards to his current project "At this point, the photographer and I have been tossing about a few ideas, because we'll have quite a few male models taking part in this... I stressed that fact that I really wanted an original theme for my fairy, not a repeat of something that's been done. Well, we did come up with a very original idea - so at this point I'll probably be the "disco-ball fairy," complete with disco-ball reflective plastic/glass pasted all over my face and body. I don't know what the background will be, or if that'll just be blurred out completely. Since the project is part of a family friendly art show, and since we are not in a more enlightened country, no one will be shot nude so that this can't be misconstrued as pornography.."

Vince_rockland_now_04 Vince_rockland_now_05

When he said "we are not in a more enlightened country", I think it's India, judging from his email address - Wrong according to Vince, it's United States.

From a webpage, Vince wants to accomplish 5 things

1. be less self-absorbed
2. stop blaming others for my mistakes
3. see beauty in every person, every thing and every moment
4. live passionately
5. attract abundance

For those who don't know Vince since he has retired from porn, here is a short list of his videos.

Vince Rockland's Yahoo Group