New Movie: Malibu Heat
Which orgy do you like best?

Who do you envy most, Logan McCree or Vinnie D'Angelo?

They've been lovers for 7 months now! Two equally hot guys in a relationship. They met and fell in love in the movie The Drifter. They are currently in a long distance relationship.


And the story of their love according to an email sent to me by Vinnie D'Angelo "...after filming a movie that Logan wrote the script on... it was his love story past tense on how he first experienced gay life... and the future tense on how he thought he would fall in love.. and we actually did on set.. and been boyfriends ever since.. long distance of course...


since he lives in Dresden, Germany and I live in Chicago.. but we have managed to see each other every month... of our 7 month relationship so far.. will be leaving in a few days to Germany to spend our birthdays together as well as Xmas and new years.." Vinnie's birthday is on Dec. 10 while Logan is on Dec. 31.


For more of Vinnie D'Angelo, check out his website.