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Kris Evans Exposed

Kris_evans_belami_01 From Belami Online on Kris Evans "The last couple of months we had a difficult time in Budapest. A few of the boys working for us had their porn careers exposed. Some boys who come to Bel Ami hope to conduct their career in anonymity but I tell each of them, repeatedly, this is a naive idea. In the internet age, exposure is only a matter of time.

This happened to most of our major models from Hungary over this past winter. The most difficult case was Kris Evans, who was a police officer. When I started to work with Kris, I made him aware of this risk. When he began to shoot for us, I told him he would become too popular too quickly to be able to contain it. I asked him to leave the police force because I knew it could create a scandal which could be exploited politically. Unfortunately, he didn't listen.

The exposure happened quite unexpectedly. As usual, it was a local gay village idiot spreading the news around. Even though we block access to our websites in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, people will find out. It happened one week before he came with us to South Africa and he almost did not shoot, but he did film a solo episode in Cape Town. 


The story unfortunately broke during early Parliamentary elections, amid several police scandals, and the news of a police officer going off to shoot gay porn was seized upon as prime material for scandal. Kris was splashed over television reports and splashed in the tabloids. However, the early TV reports that reported on the scandal accidentally used Skyler Caine's pictures, not photos of Kris.  


However, he ultimately had to leave the police force. They asked him to leave. He at first considered contesting this, but gave up in the end. At heart, Kris is still a small-town boy from a very small city of 10,000 in Southern Hungary and these developments have turned his life upside-down, as I expected. Before all of this happened, I offered to have him work for us full-time, but he declined. 

We have four or five additional episodes featuring Kris still to be released. Will he continue to shoot or won't he? We don't know. On the one hand, I feel for him. On the other hand, he is one of the best models we have had in recent years and I would hate to lose him. But right now we can't really push it."

Anybody has a link to this news article on Kris Evans that happened in Hungary? Comment of Gay Porn Zoom regarding the incident.