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It only takes ONE black guy to win Best Black Theme Site

The saying is indeed true - One man makes a difference. It's Gonna Hurt [mobile] website, where Castro is almost in every update often paired with a white guy, won Best Black Theme Site in this year's Cybersocket Awards.

Itsgonnahurt_01 Itsgonnahurt_02
Itsgonnahurt_03 Itsgonnahurt_04
Itsgonnahurt_05 Itsgonnahurt_06

It's Gonna Hurt won over Black Stud Society, Black Twink Gays, Buzzed Up, Choco Cocks, Dawg Pound USA, Ebony D, Ebony Knights, Edger 9, Lost In Da Hood, Thug Boy, Thug Orgy, Thuglicious, and Tiger Tyson.

Men of Color posted his experience, includes lots of pictures and list of winners, at the Cybersocket Awards.