The life of JD Phoenix before gay porn
Still in a habit of recycling porn

The model in Jamie King of English Lads and Dru aka Dakota of Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody (Thanks J and Delete)

Jamie King [bio] He only had solos released by English Lads when he worked for them from Sept 2011 to Dec 2011.

Jamie_king_english_lads_01 Jamie_king_english_lads_02 
Jamie_king_english_lads_03 Jamie_king_english_lads_04 

He did a shoot with Paul Reiffer with his girlfriend last March 2011, before he joined English Lads. [Thanks J]

Jamie_king_themodel_02 Jamie_king_themodel_01 

Dru aka Dakota [bio at SC & bio @ CF] He started out as Dakota at Sean Cody from July 2008 to November 2008, where he had 5 scenes. Nine months later, he was known as Dru at Corbin Fisher, where his more than 25 scenes were released from Aug 2009 to July 2011.

Dru_dakota_corbinfisher_seancody_03 Dru_dakota_corbinfisher_seancody_04 
Dru_dakota_corbinfisher_seancody_01 Dru_dakota_corbinfisher_seancody_02 

Very difficult to choose just one, but, if I was forced to choose at dick gun point, my favorite of him would probably his scene with Josh.

Dru_josh_crobinfisher_01 Dru_josh_crobinfisher_02 
Dru_josh_crobinfisher_03 Dru_josh_crobinfisher_04 

UPDATE The pictures of Dru aka Dakota as a model have been removed by the request of the photographer.