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Q 1. Logan Vaughn [twitter] – It's hard to believe that you made your debut in May of this year with two rather stellar clips that had the 'Net and a couple bloggers in particular buzzing! Let me catch your reaction to the fact that many have repeated the following sentiments about your callypygous-ness: Commenters have called your ass "shockingly, perfectly round" and a "national treasure". How does that make you feel?

LOGAN Haha, it makes me feel really good! Who wouldn't enjoy positive comments like that? I do work very hard on my body, but am lucky to have good genetics, as well in the trunk region ;0)

Q 2. Ok…brass tacks: Here's a personal question – For as many positive comments you get about your gorgeous looks and amazing perfect jock butt, there are just as many negative comments about the fact that you are not exactly "porn hung", i.e. your penis is NOT the biggest monster on the block. I mean, people have been downright hateful and disgusting in their comments on blog sites (I believe one of your clips is even called "Small Cock Punishment"). Weigh in on this….What do you have to say to these haters? And more importantly do you think this has affected your porn casting or "typecast" you as a bottom?


LOGAN Anyone can hide behind a keyboard, talk smack, and still sleep feeling safe at night in their Sesame Street PJ’s, that's one of the fun things about the internet. I don't let it bother me, because even though I’m nowhere near satisfied with my body, I'm very secure in it. Also, one of the top rules is to never read the "comments" section unless you have a helluva lot of patience. I read them every so often when I'm curious, but when I do, I expect the worst comments possible. At least then, I'm normally rather happy seeing the comments. As for the scene names, I'm very business minded, so I know how the name often sells the product. I've now shot for the site director of the above mentioned scene twice now, and I know it's nothing personal, its business. But no, I don't think it has forced me to be a bottom in scenes, that was actually my choosing. I thought it the best business course of action to show off my "assets" to get me more work in the future.

Q 3. Sound off – What are your physical stats right now? Height, weight, shoe size, cock size, and…what’s the most you can bench? And the most you can squat?

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LOGAN Height: 5'9.5 Weight: 176.5 Shoe size: 10 Cock size: 7" I don't ever bench, actually. I've found dumbbells to be far more effective for me when eliminating the front delts so I can focus more on my chest. The most I've ever benched using dumbbells was 140’s for 7 reps back when I weighed 215 a few years ago, but I was very fat. And people are always shocked to know, that I rarely train legs…. Maybe 3 times a month max. The most I’ve ever done squatting in my life (going parallel to the deck), was 365. But that was also a number of years ago.

Q 4. Since your debut in all your interviews you have identified sexually as "straight", and yet in almost all of your candid interviews, you have hinted that your experience with women and solely women is what a) introduced you to the pleasure of anal sex and BDSM and b) inspired you to go into porn. Can you elaborate on the sexual experiences that opened your eyes to anal and/or inspired you to go into porn?

LOGAN Well, I first got the idea to try anal after reading various health related articles as a kid. One in particular, was talking about how to keep a healthy prostate to ward off ever dealing with prostate cancer. It was a very interesting article, so I looked online for more on the subject, and read as to how it could be very pleasurable at the same time. That set off the curiosity that lead to me (many years later) trying anal for the first time with a past girlfriend. I am always attracted to the "freaks", lol. I really go for the pierced, inked, crazy haired girls. And more often than not, they are sexual freaks as well =0) As for going into porn, that happened even later on when I found out I could actually make money doing private cam shows using skype and paypal. I networked enough that I made connections that eventually led to being signed with Fabscout.

Q 5. You maintain almost a paternal like relationship with super agent "Fabscout" Howard … what's it like having an agent? Discuss that in the context of the pros and cons of having an agent versus navigating the gay porn industry without an agent.

LOGAN Haha, yes I do. I love Howard and his company. The pros for me are: Not having to constantly look for scenes myself and set them up. This gives me time to do other things to make money in my personal life, as I’m very much an Entrepreneur. The company will have far more connections with far more companies, both big and small, that I don’t even know of. I don’t have to personally deal with the company, and risk being forgotten about. And I also enjoy having the title "Fabscout Exclusive Model". Some people may say "well, ya that's all great, but you have to pay them money out of your shoots, and you’re making less to start with because the companies have to pay Fabscout to book you!". Which is true, however, if you have a good enough look to get plenty of shoots through a company like Fabscout, then over a year's time, you would have made more money letting them do the work rather than doing it all on your own and not getting as much exposure as you could have. In the end, I’m making more by being with Howard and his company, than I ever could being on my own. And that's not even including the money I'm able to make in my private life because I don't have to focus on my adult work. There is one phrase I really love, that many rich people use, and it’s "Always pay the people smarter than you to manage your business". And in this case, they also have far more connections. So, the cut they get in the end is well worth the service they provide. It's very mutually beneficial.

Q 6. You hail from Tennessee (but apparently don't like Nashville). Without giving away the specifics, do you live in a small town or an urban town? And tell us about your background (upbringing, siblings, education) and your present career?

LOGAN Haha, I don’t have any "beef" with Nashville, but I've been there a few times and don't find it as exceptionally awesome as most do that who bring it up when they find out I’m from Tennessee. But hey, at least Tennessee is known for a city! I myself have grown up in the city as well. Lower middle class, large family and not a very close family either. My dad is an ordained preacher, and my mom is a manager at a large retail chain. My life long story is a very crazy one that I seriously plan on writing a book about one day (and I’ve even already started on this endeavor), far too much to add into this interview. But I will say it involves me being homeless for a number of years, and working hard to get out of that financial mess that started when I was 19. I'm very much self-educated, very imaginative/creative, and got very bored with school while attending. My High School GPA was only a 2.3, but I did do enough to at least graduate. I don't care for college, and currently, I'm nowhere near the point of needing it (or wanting to go into debt for it). I prefer to use my head to make money. I'm not big into books, but I'm big into learning business. Any books related to business I snatch up and read on when I get the time. I currently work for my friend and his limousine business, selling products from an online retailer, and doing cam shows on In the very near future, I'm looking at paying cash for my first piece of real-estate to get into that business. So basically, I'm exploring my business opportunities as they appear, always looking for an intelligent way to make a profit.

Q 7. Do your family and friends know that you have a gay porn career? What do they think about it? Any negative experiences to speak of? Have you been recognized in pubic yet?

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LOGAN My family has a small idea that I'm doing something that is porn related, but they of course have no idea it's gay porn! Coming from the close minded family I do, I would probably be damned to hell if they ever found out, lol. A few of my close friends know that I specifically do gay porn, yes. They may have made fun of me at first, but now that they see how much money I'm making and how much I travel, the jokes have stopped =0) I've only been recognized in public (in my home town) once. The guy is a personal trainer, I think he might be in the closet, and is currently looking into doing it as well. But if anyone has recognized me, they haven't said anything.

Q 8. As a self professed geek, we know you love computers, gaming, etc. I think the kind of music, and film and television someone loves or revisits continually says a lot about their personality: List your favorite movie, what current television shows you are addicted to, and list what’s on your iPod or MP3 player right now.

LOGAN I would have a difficult time listing quite a bit of the above, but I’ll do my best! Lol. Favorite movies that come to mind: Star Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Alien Trilogy, pretty much anything sci-fi or fantasy oriented. I rarely ever watch TV, but I can sometimes find something interesting on the Science Channel, History Channel, Speed Channel, or something in those areas. I rarely watch TV for entertainment. Anytime I watch TV, I would rather be learning something. If I want entertainment, I’ll play a game.

As for music…. Now that one is difficult. If I let every single song in my library play only one time, you wouldn’t hear the same song twice for over 27 days. I’m HUGE on mysic. Here are some of the genres I listen to along with my top most listened to bands since 2008. I listen to: Punk, Metal, Rock, Emo, Screamo, Industrial, Hardcore, Dubstep, Techno, Electronic, Orchestra, Hip Hop, and Rap. Pretty much anything other than country! Can’t stand that stuff. Top bands are as follows: Static-X, Blink-182, Haste the Day, The Offspring, Killswitch Engage, Tech n9ne, In Flames, Atreyu, A Perfect Circle, Sum 41, Chevelle, All that Remains, It Dies Today, Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend, Fear Factory, Nickelback, Tool…. List just goes on so I’ll stop there, lol.

Q 9. Clearly you are a gamer and a Halo and Mass Effect fan. I was just having a discussion with a friend over how the interactive nature of The Walking Dead video game was something he wish he designed. Any aspirations to be a game designer? And if so, clue us into what the ultimate game for you would be and what styles of gameplay would you incorporate? What are some of your favorite games?

LOGAN I once thought about being a game designer or graphic artist as a kid, but then I found out how much math was involved…. And I said screw that. Lol. It's always a neat idea for someone who is big into gaming, but then you find out, it's not at all what you thought it was. Most of the time, you are looking at computer code and drawing boards unless you’re a graphics design artist. And even they only work on one small piece of the game at a time. Say a lineup of characters to render for the animation team to work with. The end product is always the fun part, so I would rather be the one buying the good games and playing them, than being that guy sitting in his cubicle with a migraine.

Q 10. Your Amazon Wish List is rather unique – I don't think I've ever seen a wishlist SO DIVERSE before from anyone! There's underwear, video games, tech and hardware, and bodybuilding supplements.  For the love of Hogwarts, what in God's name is a "Saitek X52 Flight Control System"?????


LOGAN LMAO! Well, it’s a rather realistic flight stick with a separate throttle module used for flight simulators. One of the many things I thought about being as a kid was a fighter pilot flying the amazing F series of fighter jets. Seeing now that will never be something I can do, I'll grab all the simulation games I can to live out my fantasy from my computer desk…. Using that flight stick =0) And the reason my wishlist is so diverse, is because I'm myself rather diverse. I'm a nerd in a jock's body, lol. Also I wanted to cover everything from cheap gifts, up to the bigger ones, to give my fans plenty to choose from.

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