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Love is in the air at Helix Studios

I just realized that Helix Studios maybe a conducive place for romance when I read the latest interview posted by James of What The World Does Not Need. Kyle Ross, whose first scene was released by Helix Studios last Dec. 2011, is in a 13 month relationship with Max Carter, who is also an exclusive and has been at Helix Studios since March 2011.


They are not the only couple or couple to be who are working at Helix Studios.

When Brice of Sean Cody became Connor Kline, he included in his twitter profile that he was in a relationship with  Casey Tanner and both of them were exclusive with Helix Studios.


One of the newest exclusive of Helix Studios, Evan Parker, was already dating Levi Karter before Levi worked for Cocky Boys. The two recently shared a photo of them together.