Hot or not? Mick Torrence, Kevin Clarkson and Hudson
Hudson of SC VERSUS Hudson of CF (tips @ Bo and Jason401)

Jesse Santana before Corbin Fisher (tip @ Flygal)

Majority us, including me, thought Jesse, now known as Jesse Santana, started gay porn at Corbin Fisher.


Porn archaeologist Flygal unearthed evidence that could contradict the origin of Jesse in gay porn :)

According to her "I believe he did Heartland Boys 3 and Heartland Boys 4 before Corbin Fisher. The 2257 of the Camsondemand videos were 12/05, and the Corbin Fisher videos were 2006."


"I was under the impression he started with CF but it might not be the case. Camsondemand is a small studio and they are distributed via Amvc. The name he goes by is 'Kyle' which I believe is his real name. I ended up being able to verify his tattoo near his groin and his pierced nipples. CF, he had a shaved head but, at Camsondemand, he was pre shaved"


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