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Hot or not? Skyes, Sonny Nash and Will Carton

Skyes of Chaos Men [profile]

Chaosmen_skyes_hotornot_01 Chaosmen_skyes_hotornot_02 

Believable description or not? "If you love nervous straight guys rubbing-one-off for the first time, then you will love the authentic feel of this big-dicked Southern boy!"

Sonny Nash of Next Door Male [gallery] He was already introduced last year by Randy Blue, also using the same name.


Believable description or not? "With aspirations of playing pro soccer, a large portion of his time is dedicated to training and practice, but when he’s not juggling balls on the pitch, he just so happens to be a world record holder in masturbation stamina."

Will Carton of English Lads [profile] It has been common practice for this site to show PG photos on the free version. The most you'll see is their butt.