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Carson of Corbin Fisher is now an exclusive of Next Door Studios as Dante Martin

Carson of Corbin Fisher was introduced last August 2011. He had 6 scenes released, where he topped and bottomed.

Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_01 Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_02 
Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_03 Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_04 
Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_05 Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_06 
Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_07 Dante_martin_nextdoorstudios_08 

After a year, he is now known as Dante Martin at Next Door Studios, where he is now an exclusive. Hopefully, he will not be forced to work at Next Door Hookups since he never had a str8 scene at Corbin Fisher.


We are now seeing new exclusives. I think this is part of the changes we will see at Next Door Buddies. First the redesign and now adding more guys to the mix. Hopefully, they add more guys where we haven't seen work for other porn studios.

***read the info on the name change at QMN***