DJ Spencer Reed is not a fan of his gay porn fans (tip @ Andreas)
High Performance Men's latest condom scene

From Austin Wilde "I definitely don’t support it in the industry."

In an interview published last October 12, 2012 with the Porno Prince, Austin Wilde, who was a gay porn star, was asked the question "How do you feel about barebacking in adult film and it's affects on society?"


Now that Austin Wilde is also a porn site owner of Guys In Sweatpants, he doesn't have a problem with producing a bareback scene as long as it involved proper testing. This was according to Austin in an interview he gave for The Sword.

His interview starts at 3:35 mins.

Tomorrow, Guys In Sweat Pants will release their first bareback scene.


He was also asked on twitter about his personal stance on bareback. But, the 140 characters on twitter was not enough. But, he assured porn fans that Guys In Sweat Pants went above and beyond to ensure the safety of their models.