50% of the guys introduced by Sean Cody this 2017 came back for a gay scene
David Kadera of WH is guy #216 at Debt Dandy (tip @ Milanlove12)

93% return rate for guys introduced this year at Chaos Men

There were only 3 (It could be 2 since the 3rd guy was recently introduced) out of 45 guys introduced this year at Chaos Men that did not return after their solo was released - Harrison, Conrad (aka Rick) & Thompson.



Of the 42 returnees, 21 guys only had an oral or edge scene - Kyle Parker, Hugo, Anton, Blaine, Peter, Kouri, Ansel (aka Peyton), Mattieu, Gale, Keaghan, Nelson, Todd, Ash, Callum, Brick, Soren, Jayme, Andreus, Camillo, Jacob Marteny & Lenny.