Your favorite scene of Sean Cody this 2017
4th round poll for your favorite Sean Cody scene of 2017

Tomas Farago or Zac DeHaan?

The latest update at English Lads is the scene of Tomas Farago with Chris Little.


Tomas Farago is known as Zac DeHaan at Belami Online. His latest scene released this month of December had him bareback Peter Annaud.


Do you prefer Tomas/Zak over at English Lads or at Belami Online?

*** When Tomas was introduced by English Lads in 2015, this was the reaction from Belami Online "Well, it is certainly news for me, he is under contract till the end of next year and shot a scene recently. But thanks for info" "We can't ignore breach of contract otherwise other models would come to conclusion that contracts are only formality and don't have to be observed. There are enough of scenes with him waiting for release anyway. GD" Belami Online has released 18 hardcore scenes of Zac since the reaction from George Duroy.