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Anyone else having problems with the quality of the videos at Sean Cody?

A reader of this blog, Scott, would like to know if anyone else is experiencing problems with the quality of the videos downloaded at Sean Cody.

I joined Sean Cody about three weeks ago and downloaded a total of 376 videos at 720p and 480p resolutions. A full 85 of those videos are plagued by significant technical problems - most have pixelization issues and several have wave-like issues that make it look like a ghost walked between the camera and the performers. I've contacted Sean Cody technical support multiple times, and they deny anything is wrong with any of their videos claiming any problems I have are with my computer, browser, etc., which is most definitely not the case.

In addition, two videos play only 10 and 21 seconds, respectively, both streaming and in all downloaded versions - Mountain Getaway Day 1 and Sam's solo. I've emailed Sean Cody and Probiller technical support multiple times in the past week about these two videos but have received no response and the videos are still messed up.

As for the corrupted videos with pixelization problems, it looks to me like the videos were run through a less-than-adequate video conversion program. Prior to the switch to the current website design, many of the videos' highest resolution was 540p, but they now have 720p download options and the 540p download options have completely disappeared.

A few of the videos in question.


Czech Hunter forgot they already had Andrew Green back in 2016

Andrew Green is now on his 3rd solo video at Boy Fun.



If you want to see him in action, he was at Czech Hunter last month where he was given the name Kuba.


This was his scene description as guy #429 "I was on the outskirts looking for mushroom pickers and other free time activities people. I didn't have much luck in the woods so I tried more civilized area. After a while, I met Kuba. He lived at his parents not far from there and was on the way to a pub. We had a nice talk during which he told me about jerking off another guy. That was an opportunity I couldn't miss. He wasn't hard to convince but fucking him was almost impossible. I don't think I have ever seen a boy with such a tight and sensitive ass. He was barely able to put a finger inside, not to mention my cock. However, I wanted to fuck the boy so badly but I didn't want to hurt him. So I had to be slow and careful. He moaned so loudly that I was afraid he might attract people. I hope his parents didn't hear him...".

Czech Hunter forgot Andrew aka Kuba was on their site back in 2016. Usually, the site mentions a returnee but not in his case.



This was his scene description as guy #269 "I was almost ready to go home and have a jerk off, that’s how badly this day went. Then I met a 19 years old schoolboy going for the afternoon class. He studied to be bricklayer. Didn’t know that you must study to put a brick on another brick. And he was super cute and completely broke. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about the school so it was easy to find a better program for both of us. I can say one thing, I have never felt such a beautifully tight ass. This guy was definitely a virgin. If you’re into very loud assfucking, this one will be for you. I tried to be gentle, but his ass never experienced a cock… He cried and moaned as his butt kept stretching. When we were done, I could see relief all over his face. I hope he didn’t get in trouble for skipping classes."

Suggest a scene at Men

In line with Pride month, Men is asking their followers on Twitter to suggest a scene and win a 6 month membership.


Some of the suggestions from their followers

Increasing number of bisexuals & gay men at William Higgins (tip @ Bo)

In 2015, I made a post about William Higgins with their constant use of the word straight to describe their models. Even, the meta description of the site had the word straight in it.


It hasn't changed this year. William Higgins still uses the word straight from time to time.


What has changed is that William Higgins is now using the words bi & gay more often in the solo description.






Peep Show now competes with fan based sites like Just For Fans

Peep Show was a part of Chaos Men. It's now a separate site that is similar in concept with fan sites like Just For Fans. The difference? All homemade videos are in one place with 1 monthly subscription price of $9.95.


Peep Show caters to all types of audiences but only the gay & str8 side have submitted content.

On the gay side, I've seen only a few gay porn stars such as Leo Rex, Wolf Hudson and Max Marciano (aka Max Richie).



On the str8 side, Declan, Cy & JJ Smitts did it with a woman.




So far, majority of the guys at Peep Show had prior experience at Chaos Men.