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Expect more porn stars from Eastern Europe in US based sites with the latest Mind Geek acquisition

Bromo has been buying content from Eastern Europe. Lately, it stopped. Could the latest acquisition by Mind Geek be the reason?

Czech Hunter, Dirty Scout and Debt Dandy (all three under the BigSTR network) are now with Mind Geek.




Now that Mind Geek has its own production team in Eastern Europe, will we see these Eastern European porn stars over at Bromo. And, will US based porn star head over to Eastern Europe to film a scene for Men or Reality Dudes?

Did Tim Kruger bareback John Thomas?

The latest scene of John Thomas at Tim Tales is his condom scene with Tim Kruger.





John mentioned in a tweet that Tim Kruger's load was still inside his hole when he got home.

Was John barebacked the last minute and that part was deleted?

Are these 5 guys the current most popular models of Corbin Fisher?

The latest holiday ad of Corbin Fisher is now on the main page. It had Dane, Elian, Jude, Wesley & Beau.


Why put these 5 guys in an ad if they are not the most in demand in the current pool of models of Corbin Fisher? But, Jude did tweet (now deleted) as Timothy Champagne that he was out of Corbin Fisher.

On the site, these are top 10 most popular guys of all time.


Thanksgiving gift of Gay Hoopla this 2018

Yesterday, I made a post that Max Richie of Gay Hoopla was also known as Maximo at Club Amateur USA.



Today, Gay Hoopla released their upcoming scene this coming Friday. It's the second scene of Max as the bottom.




Good enough for Thanksgiving?

*** A comment of Club Amateur USA from the previous post on Max aka Maximo "The model was scheduled for a shoot in the latter half of September & no-showed (Hhhhmmmm... I wonder if GH had anything to do with that), and for the record, I chose to change his name a bit to reflect his Italian / Cuban / Spanish heritage & to not tread on GH's potential naming rights. Per the model, he chose to not sign an exclusivity agreement."