Tremaine of Island Studs is one of the exes at MTV's Ex On The Beach

It was in 2016 that Tremaine did a solo along side his cousin Terrance at Island Studs. And, their 2nd shoot was released 2 years later.




Tremaine is now one of the exes in the latest season of MTV's Ex On The Beach.


If the tweet below is to be believed, Tremaine has addressed the issue about his work with Island Studs and Terrance is actually his brother in real life.

Clark Parker versus gay porn stars & others

It all started with one tweet from Clark Parker.

It didn't sit well with others that worked in gay porn.

It's still on going as of this writing.

It would have been a great debate for gay porn sans the name calling that went too far.

And, Clark is done with gay porn.

UPDATE The interview on Clark with regards to the issue.

Your thoughts on the issue of Topher DiMaggio & Treasure Island Media (tip @ Robert)

Exactly a year ago, Tegan Zayne shared his #MeToo story that involved Topher DiMaggio. Because of it, more guys came forward with their own sexual abuse story about Topher.


And, Topher has been out of gay porn because of it until today. He just shot a scene for Treasure Island Media.

To add to the issue, SUGP replied to a QMN post on Topher.

Leo Forte on drug addiction in gay porn

Just shared on Twitter by Leo Forte.



The replies from other gay porn stars.

Cameron Parks in 2015 with regards to the N word (tip @ Milos)

In a Tumblr post in 2015, Cameron Parks was asked by a fan to stop saying the word "Nigga" and this was his response.


Does he still believe in his statement till today? If so, this will be Diesel Washington's response to him this 2019.

Who said "...try to sound less faggy" to Billy Santoro?

2013 was the year Billy Santoro was introduced to gay porn. He had this to say about his experience with the director who shot his first scene "My first scene director: "I usually don’t hire gay guys. Fags get all annoying with wanting a lot of lube. Straight guys just spit and fuck. No bullshit. I only really hired you because you look the part, but can you try to sound less faggy?""

Was it Chaos Men?



Or, was it Men where he was an exclusive?



It can't be Lucas Entertainment since his first scene released was with his former husband.


Or, another porn site but released his content much later than Chaos Men & Men? Or, is this a lie from Billy Santoro?