Dante Drackis loves the dick but not the one attached to it.

Dante Drackis sure knows how to deep throat.

He does love dicks but not the one attached to it if you are male.

Dante Drackis had scenes released by Bait Buddies [gallery], Family Dick, Latin LechePride Studios [gallery] & Young Perps.






Jamie French accused D. Arclyte of looking for transsexual work while being HIV+ (tip @ Alias74)

It started with a tweet from the owner of that it was morally irresponsible that a certain performer, who is HIV+, was trying to find work with transsexual models.

And, he asked his followers not to name the performer.

But, transsexual porn star, Jamie French, named the performer.

This was on D. Arclyte's pinned tweet.

In gay porn this 2018, D. Arclyte did bareback scenes for Family Dick, Richard XXX and Raw Fuck Club.




Did Bruce Sheppard & the new production team leave Gay Hoopla?

Two tweets about departures from Gay Hoopla I received this week.

The first one was a comment from Waybig from a supposedly Bruce Sheppard, who left Gay Hoopla for Corbin Fisher since there was no STD tests and that he was only paid $750 for his 4 scenes.


The second one is from the new production team from Gay Hoopla that was recently hired and their work are now being released this month of October. That supposedly "new production team" aka "new director" released a statement that he parted ways with Gay Hoopla.


A point of view from str8 porn on cross over porn stars

There is an article on Mike South's blog by PornXXX411 on why he (or she?) is opposed to gay porn stars working in str8 porn.


The writer cited out 4 points.


It mentioned of a 4% chance of getting HIV if the individual is on medication to suppress their count enough to trick the PASS system.


And, an 8% chance if the individual is on PrEP.


It is also not impossible to transmit HIV if you are undetectable.


Your thoughts?

Colby Jansen was affected by the industry shut down (tip @ Alias74)

There is a production hold on the str8 side of porn due to a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer.


Colby Jansen, who had gay & bi scenes released this year, has been affected by this shutdown.

The effect on him was not just financial since he had a direct or indirect contact with the individual who tested positive. He was asked to do a re-test and came out negative. He shared his experience with his fans on Twitter.

Noir Male is all about?

This is the definition of Noir at Urban Dictionary.


This was part of the email I received last week from Noir Male "The Sexiest Black Males, The Hottest Sex, in Real Life Scenarios. NOIR MALE is a new premium gay brand that was created to showcase Black Men as they deserve to be seen – sensual, sexual and exploring real life encounters. The gay market has been void of any high quality interracial product that showcases Black males in a positive light....until now. We are moving away from the thug style scenarios, low end apartments etc ... and creating a luxury brand that features high end locations, dynamic storylines, intense sex and the most beautiful men in the industry."

This was the screen shot shared by a porn fan about Noir Male, scheduled to go live in less than a day.



Max Konnor took to Twitter in defense of Noir Male.

Too soon?

Last month, Bruno Bernal used the N word on his social media account.


Men decided not to promote Bruno's Disturbance scene. It even requested affiliates to do the same "Due to recent events, the scene, Disturbance on Thursday July 26th will not be promoted by us. We prefer that it also not be promoted by our affiliates. Moving forward we will no longer be working with the actor involved in the recent events."


Today, the latest scene of Bruno Bernal was promoted by Men on Twitter.

The scene had the title "Too Soon?".


The title was chosen to create a double meaning - one for the scene itself and the other one asked fans if it was too soon to release the scene of Bruno.

*** Bruno's latest tweets with regards to the issue.