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2nd top for Mark Long is Mathias

Mark Long was introduced to gay porn in 2011 by Next Door Studios. But, it was only in 2014 that his first gay scene was released that included fake fucking.



He is known for his work as a top. But, he got fucked [gallery] by a woman with a strap on dildo back in 2013.


It was only in 2016 that he agreed to get fucked by a real cock. His first top was Markie More.




There was an 8 month pause in his gay porn career. When he returned, it was followed by his scenes as a top.


He has an upcoming scene at Next Door Studios where he was fucked by Mathias.




For those who missed MTV's True Life's episode about gay for pay pornstars (uploaded by Denny)

Fellow porn fan Denny took the time to record the latest episode of MTV's True Life about gay for pay porn stars and uploaded it on You Tube.

The second part included a conversation between Vadim Black & his BFF Devon Felix. Both guys worked for Broke Straight Boys and their scene together will be released soon.

The third part included the behind the scenes at Sean Cody that included Forrest. The scene was released last September 26, 2015.

The fourth part included the behind the scenes at Men where Vadim bottomed for Diego Sans. The scene was released last September 14, 2015.

Your thoughts?

MTV's True Life to feature Sean of SC & Vadim Black (tip @ Denny)

Sean is the latest update at Sean Cody.



Vadim Black's scene at MEN with Alex Mecum will be released this coming Sunday.



Both Sean & Vadim will be featured on the next episode of MTV's True Life about gay for pay.

A trick from Sean Cody that made these gay for pays stayed hard (tip @ Hugh)

From Hugh (via email) "I came across an old Sean Cody clip where the guys get sucked off, but there's a really brief shot of the girl they're watching to get hard. I've seen scenes where there's a laptop or TV playing straight porn, but this is the first time I've seen an actual girl masturbating in the background, which makes me wonder how prevalent a practice it is, esp. with studios that already have girls on the roster."

If you look at the first screen capture below, you will notice the two guys were looking on the right instead of the guys sucking their cocks.


The reason? The two were looking at the naked woman.


The scene was released last Oct 30, 2002 where it mentioned in the description "We got a pretty girl to strip down, sit off camera, and masturbate to give the guys inspiration. You can't really see her, but that's who the boys are looking at."

Cody Cummings and Tyler Torro shared Brandon Lewis

FACT There is a lot of vocal fans who hate what Cody Cummings represent.

FACT The hate is not translating to closure of Cody Cummings. Why would NDS close a porn site if it is earning?

The latest at Cody Cummings is a threesome that included Tyler Torro and the guy he first fake fucked, Brandon Lewis. Two gay for pays sharing a bisexual man.


Maybe the next move for haters of what Cody Cummings represent is to just ignore and don't comment. Maybe the hate creates loyalty or the fuel for his fans to continue supporting him.

What is/are your Gay 4 Pay requirement/s?

I read comments from fellow porn fans in forums and blogs that some fans does not want their gay 4 pay porn star to do a thing with their scene partner. Others want them to at least kiss a guy. While others, want them to get fucked. For you to accept a gay 4 pay porn star, what must he do in gay porn?

FYI You can choose more than one answer for this poll.

Like or dislike? James Huntsman finally did more in gay porn

It took almost 8 months for James Huntsman to do more in gay porn. His first scene was released last October 2011 where Tyler Sweet's mouth was put to hard work since 90% of the video had him sucking James Jr. The latest on James is from Next Door Studios, where he fucked Cody Allen.

James_huntsman_first_times_as_a_top_01 James_huntsman_first_times_as_a_top_02 

Rest assured it wasn't a Cody Cummings stunt :) James did fuck Cody in white light :)