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A bit of drama in this year's GayVN Awards

The drama is adjacent and directly related to Wesley Woods, who won Performer of the Year and Best Actor in the just concluded GayVN Awards.

Woody Fox wasn't happy that the nominees were not announced on stage but he was happy for Wesley for his win.

But, Mike Maverick was not happy with the win of Wesley (tweet was deleted).


And, this was Mike's reply when he was asked for more information.

If I am not mistaken, Wesley and Mike have been paired in gay porn.

*** The latest on Wesley was his transsexual scene at Trans Angels.


*** The latest on Woody Fox is his upcoming scene at Raging Stallion.


*** The latest on Mike Maverick was from Lucas Entertainment.


👍 or 👎?

Devin Franco as the latest exclusive for the Falcon Studios Group.


John Thomas as the latest exclusive at Tim Tales.


Michael Lucas, owner of Lucas Entertainment, to end his gay porn career this 2019. His latest scene is with Andy Star.



Sent by readers of this blog

1. Austin Wolf in the news for uploading his sex video on Twitter without consent from his sex partner. [sent by James]


2. Porn fan Uri wants to know if anyone has seen Logan in porn.

3. Darius Ferdynand was featured on DNA Magazine. [sent by Quip]


4. Rafael Alencar in str8 porn? [sent by PornJunkie]

5. The model in Logan Novak of Lucas Entertainment. [sent by Johnathan]



Chris Bines is on trial for conspiracy to distribute marijuana (tip @ Paul)

In 2012, Chris Bines was arrested due to drug possession. This year, it went further since he is on trial for distribution of marijuana along with 7 other guys. But, he was not included in the charge for conspiracy to commit money laundering.


Chris Bines started at Randy Blue in 2009.








By 2013, he went to work for other porn studios. This year, he had scene released by Hot House.


Iver Colborn is the 3rd Belami Online model on Big Brother (tip @ FJAH)

In 2005, Tommy Hansen was the first Belami Online model who appeared on Big Brother (Czech Republic). 


From Belami Online "At the height of his popularity, Tommy joined the cast of the Czech reality-television series "Big Brother," which was a violation of his contract and contradicted the explicit wishes of George. When Tommy’s erotic modeling career was inevitably revealed on primetime television, it briefly became a national obsession to seek out his films. As a result, all of his costars were exposed for public examination and the deliberately low-key profile Bel Ami had maintained for years was smashed. George decided not to sue Tommy in order to avoid more tabloid drama. It was an interesting twist that the revelation of his porn career only made Tommy a bigger star. He may not have won "Big Brother" — he was initially kicked out, then brought back by producers, allowing him to finish in third place — but in the end he received all of the attention and adulation he craved. Tommy was among the most sexually talented models Bel Ami has employed over the years. As his physique suggests, he is an accomplished sportsman. For a time he was an amateur kickboxing champion. Today he owns an underwear store in Prague."

It was followed 5 years later by Marek Pietrak in the Hungarian version of Big Brother. 


The latest Belami Online model to join Big Brother (Hungary) is the new guy introduced 2 weeks ago - Iver Colborn.




Iver's work at Big Brother was revealed by BAO fans via BAO's tweet on Iver. It was mentioned by a fan site of Jim Kerouac that Iver was his little brother.


The current season of Big Brother (Hungary) started last August 2016.

*updated* Jerry Cabrera sentenced for 2 years, maybe released in a few days (tip @ Crystal)

Jerry Cabrera was introduced by Gay Hoopla in 2015 and his last scene released was dated May 2, 2016.






He did str8 porn for Gay Hoopla's sister site - Hot Guys Fuck.


Last February 2016, he was speeding for adrenaline rush and crashed his car into a mini van with 2 kids. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of child endangerment. And in November 2016, he was sentenced for 2 years in state jail & 8 years probation.


UPDATE According to records, Jerry's projected release date is this coming Sunday, April 09, 2017 (h/t @ Billy).

NEWS on Cliff Jensen, 5th year anniversary & a new exclusive

Two weeks ago, I made a post on Cliff Jensen that he was to be released from prison today. Hours ago, he tweeted that he was free at last.

Men is celebrating their 5th year anniversary. USA was represented by Johnny Rapid while UK was represented by Paddy O'Brian.

*** MEN will release another parody this coming August. This time from the television show called Sense8 "Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected -- first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to connect with one another's thoughts and actions, and finally by the urgent need to find out what happened and why".




Cocky Boys announced today that Tegan Zayne in now their exclusive and released his scene with Boomer Banks.





A comment from Rafael Lords on the post titled "Before Rafael Lords joined gay porn".

This is Rafael Lords ... you guys are so out of context.... Instead of writinf lies and very offensive comments maybe you should research or ask me questions . For those who support me thank u . I appreciate it !!! Xoxo -Rafael Lords