Rooney, Tom, Bart, Leos, Tibor, Darian or Nickolai?

Rooney Marx @ Guys In Sweatpants


Tom Bradley @ Chaos Men



Bart Cuban @ Belami Online (I did include him in this post last February when he was introduced by Fresh Men. Just adding him here since the previous one did not have a poll.)



Leos Laska & Tibor Gener @ William Higgins





Darian @ Reality Dudes



Nickolai @ Active Duty



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*** This poll will end on July 21, 2019 ***

*** Chad Duff of Gay Hoopla was last week's winner ***

Tweets from gay porn this week

Anyone else having problems with the quality of the videos at Sean Cody?

A reader of this blog, Scott, would like to know if anyone else is experiencing problems with the quality of the videos downloaded at Sean Cody.

I joined Sean Cody about three weeks ago and downloaded a total of 376 videos at 720p and 480p resolutions. A full 85 of those videos are plagued by significant technical problems - most have pixelization issues and several have wave-like issues that make it look like a ghost walked between the camera and the performers. I've contacted Sean Cody technical support multiple times, and they deny anything is wrong with any of their videos claiming any problems I have are with my computer, browser, etc., which is most definitely not the case.

In addition, two videos play only 10 and 21 seconds, respectively, both streaming and in all downloaded versions - Mountain Getaway Day 1 and Sam's solo. I've emailed Sean Cody and Probiller technical support multiple times in the past week about these two videos but have received no response and the videos are still messed up.

As for the corrupted videos with pixelization problems, it looks to me like the videos were run through a less-than-adequate video conversion program. Prior to the switch to the current website design, many of the videos' highest resolution was 540p, but they now have 720p download options and the 540p download options have completely disappeared.

A few of the videos in question.


***updated*** Ariel Vanean is NOT out of Belami Online (tip @ OwenOax)

Belami Online do remove older content from their site. This may have happened to Ariel Vanean. His oldest images were dated 2009 while his oldest video was dated 2011.




The latest on Ariel at Belami Online was his oral scene with Ryan McKenna released last month.


Ariel also does live cam shows for Belami Online.



Time to say goodbye to Ariel since he is out of Belami Online.



But, when will we feel that Ariel Vanean is totally gone at Belami Online considering the amount they film with their stars? The latest example is Kris Evans, who has an update this week but left the studio in 2016.

UPDATE It seems it was just a misunderstanding "There is nothing changed except he has stopped chatting. He broke some rules and got himself banned... There's a good chance he will be back on chat so I would take tweets with a grain of salt...". The tweet has been deleted by Ariel Vanean.


From Jeffrey Lloyd "No, it's just work :-)) I am gay for sure lol"

He started gay porn in 2016 and used different names but he is more known as Jeffrey Lloyd

The latest on Jeffrey in gay porn was released today by Lucas Entertainment where he had a flip fuck with Max Orion.




Jeffrey has done a handful of bisexual scenes for Bi Empire [gallery 01 & gallery 02] but his latest bi scene was for Why Not Bi.



He also done transsexual porn but he will never do a str8 scene. So, one of his scenes at Str8 Hell was not counted as str8 porn?



According to Jeffrey, his work in bi and trans porn is just work.

Rocky Vallarta is the latest babe in Pierre Fitch's life

I only know of 3 boyfriends of Pierre Fitch who did gay porn.

The first one was Ralph Woods.

The second one was Ryan Jaxx aka Ethan Chase that ended last year.




The latest is Rocky Vallarta, who worked with Bromo & Men.




Pierre and Rocky will be doing live cam shows via Chaturbate.

👍 or 👎? Josh Moore as the latest exclusive at Falcon Studios

He was first known as Josh Rider in 2016 via Lucas Entertainment. He later changed his name to Josh Moore for his love for Logan Moore.



Josh left Lucas Entertainment in bad terms in 2016 while Josh & Logan called it quits in 2017.


Josh is now the latest exclusive of Falcon Studios

Josh is not new to working with Falcon Studios. He had a movie, Hungry For Moore, released last March 2018, where he had a scene with Logan Moore, filmed before their break-up. 3 weeks before the movie's release, Cocky Boys released the scene of Josh with Ricky Roman, his new love.