More gay porn stars doing the 10 year challenge

I thought at first it was called the Puberty challenge but here are more gay porn stars doing the 10 year challenge.

Wank worthy? Blind Trust from Men

Blind Trust is the latest scene at Men that had Paul Canon bottom for Jack Hunter while a blind man was present "Handsome stud Paul Canon got a lift to work from his hot boyfriend, Jack Hunter, and as a thank you, Paul decides to give toned Jack a quick blowjob before his shift! However, he was running late. Horny Jack is left sitting in the car with his big, stiff rod, and a pair of blue balls. Brown-haired Paul is cleaning up for his blind client when Jack shows up at the door ready to finish what he started! He isn't sure he should let him in, but he figures since his client won't see them he might as well relieve them both from their pent up cum."






Gay porn stars doing the 10 year challenge

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